Sunday, August 13, 2017

Happy Birthday Levia + Rowan

Since the girls are only a couple of months apart,
we've been doing shared birthday parties for them.
We love having a small, intimate birthday for them.
Just us four.
No one to cater to.
No trying to make everyone happy.
No trying to please everyone either.
We've been celebrating birthday like this for years,
and I don't see us changing that.
There's something about keeping it intimate.
Happy Third Birthday Rowan.
And Happy Fifth Birthday Levia.
I really hope you both enjoyed your party.
We love you so much.
We pray you continue to be happy
and may you both always be blessed with good health.
Jehovah is great!

This year we went a eucalyptus/cactus theme.
Levia is obsessed with cactus,
that I knew I just had to include some of that into her birthday.
She's always saying "Mom, you know what you need? More cactuses!"
In reality, she wants more cactuses.
And she got just what she wanted,
3 more cactus babies.
As far as Rowan,
she's a natural tree hugger.
Literally hugging trees left and right.
Of course,
they're to big to include so I went crazy with the eucalyptus.
She loves the smell of them!
I also added hints of pink,
because they both love pink.
In the end,
it may be a very small party,
but everything came out beautifully.
Happy Happy Birthday
Levia + Rowan!
-Mama loves you a lot.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Levia Turns 5

I'm one day early posting this,
but my little girl will be turning 5 tomorrow.
With this age comes change,
she'll be attending school this year.
Well, to be honest,
we're on the fence of homeschooling or public school for her.
We've managed to agree that she should give school a chance,
if she loves it and really enjoys it then we will keep her there.
On the other hand, if she absolutely detests it,
then homeschooling is welcome.
How can time have passed us by so fast?
I seriously feel like she was just turning 3 yesterday and now she's 5.
Time sure is a thief.
Thankfully, we've been able to enjoy so much in these few years.
We've gone camping,
a first for Levia.
We've moved from Florida to Texas.
And next the start of School.
And I really have a feeling that time sure will fly by even faster this year.
To my little
I love you so much.
And I sure do hope you have a lovely birthday.
You're beautiful in so many ways.
May you always be blessed
with happiness and good health.
I love you always.


One thing Levia wanted to do was go to the Kiddie Park in town.
(San Antonio, Texas)

Of course it was closed that day,
so we made it up another day and took her favorite person too,