Thursday, February 28, 2013

8 Months Old

Another month has passed and I can't seem to figure out why so fast. It must be all the fun we have been having. Levia has grown so much this month, I can see her getting ready to crawl. Though she hasn't figured out how her legs work she has been able to get on all fours and just swing herself back and forth. I find it to be very cute. Her favourite thing to do is smile, I have been so blessed to have a baby that smiles as much as she does. She is magnificent! Everyday I find her to be more beautiful than before. I'm looking forward to 9 months and seeing how much she has changed and the new things that she will do. 
Every now and then when she smiles she will stick her tongue out. I'm not sure why but I find it to be very cute. I'm so glad I was able to capture it well in these photos.
(The background was hand painted using gold and black acrylic paints. Her crown was made with wrapping paper.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Circus

While at Target the other day, all their Valentine's Day stuff had gone on clearance. A good 50% off of some pretty nice Valentine's Day themed decor. I had been needing little storage containers for Levia's Gerber Puffs for when we are out and about. (I can store fruits, baby cookies, and finger foods.) I just didn't know where to get them, so when I was there I found the perfect little containers. Not only are they cute, but it will also entertain Levia when it comes to snack time. The circus theme they had was so gorgeous I could not pass up the deal that I also got the matching cup (with straw).
Look at how cute they are! They even has a flag on the top.
The cup spins around that allows any child to put the mustache on the face. Very entertaining! I'm so looking forward for Levia to use these.

Perfect Little Jeans

I always thought that finding a great pair of jeans for Levia would be hard but I was wrong. I found the perfect fit and style when I went to the OshKosh B'gosh outlet. I spent 12$ for the pair and have fell so in love with them ever since. They are dark wash Skinny jeans that fit so perfectly on Levia. I thought they might be too snug but they are not, they are a bit loose on the legs, that it still allows circulation and movement without being constrictive. She doesn't wear them often, but when I dress her up I will put on a nice button up and pair it with her jeans. She looks marvelous!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Gift

For Valentine's Day, Levia and I worked on a little project. We wanted to give my husband a special, thoughtful gift. Something small and simple. We had done this project before, but this time we did it a little different. Instead of using one foot, we used both. I decided to make salt dough, imprint a heart using both of Levia's feet. (I thought this idea was cute!)
All you need is 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of flour, and 1/4 cup of water (give or take). Mix it all until you have formed the dough. Voila! You have made your very own salt dough. Once you make the imprints you want, may it be hands or feet you bake it at 200 degrees for 3 hours.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day at Home

So the day has finally arrived. It's Valentine's Day! I love this day since it's the only day out of the year that our home gets girlie and it's the only day I can get away with it. We have always done Valentine's at home and I hope we keep up with that tradition, 3 years and going strong! Everything I used to decorate our home is the same decorations I made 3 years ago when we finally got to spend our first Valentine's Day together. It would have been 4 but a tour in Afghanistan made us spend it apart. I love making my own decorations by just using construction paper, paints, and some colour pencils. I will admit the only store bought things are the red glitter hearts that hang from the ceiling.
On the cake I wrote, "Love is all you need".
I made the hearts three years ago, only the used to hang from the ceiling individually. This year I decided to convert them into a banner. It was so much easier for me that way.
Of course I can not leave my LoveBug out, I decorated her high chair with hearts and where her cup should go I cut some hearts, out lined them in gold acrylic paint, put her name on it, and on the back I wrote "Levia's First Valentine, 02/14/2013". (It will be going into her memory box after.)
For our coasters I did the same only I put our last name "Luna". Hope my husband loves all the decorating when he gets home.
I didn't manage to show what we ate for dinner, but I will show you what I made for us to drink. I prepared some homemade lemonade the night before, filled an ice tray about halfway and filled it with some thawed mixed berries. I have to say the lemonade was so refreshing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautiful Love

I love surprising my husband with photos of our daughter. When a special day comes up, I try to do something of similar theme. Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I chose "Love", I went very simple when it came to getting the message across. The words "I LOVE YOU" was all I needed. I used cut out letters that I bought at Target, (I had to make the heart by cutting two letter "U" and shape them in to a heart), everything else was all wrapping paper. Today was the day I let him see these photos, a sneak peak of what our Valentine's Day will be like. Cute, girlie, and filled with LOVE.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Little Something Special

Since Valentine's Day is a few days away, I finally finished up wrapping the little gifts for my husband. I wasn't sure what I would do for the wrapping paper since I didn't want to go too girlie. So I said "what the heck!", I'm using pink anyways. For this project I used circle sponges to stamp on dots and I hand painted "For my Love" across the package. I loved how it came out. The handwriting not so much but knowing I put some effort into it just bring me joy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beautiful Hearts

Here in our home we have a designated area for Levia. We consider it her play corner, everything she needs to keep her busy stays there. From books to stuffed animals, along with her rocking horse. Ever since we set up the cork tiles I made it clear to my husband that any art Levia makes will be displayed there. She's only 7 months right now, but we have done little crafts here and there to spruce up her corner. I have to say it has been coming along just great!
So far only these two pieces hang there. The "I love Daddy" was made when Levia was 4 months old to surprise her father when he got home from work. He LOVED it! The banner was made today, not only do I like it for her corner it is also perfect for Valentine's Day. (Since it's right around the corner.)

Paiting with Little Toes

So tomorrow is my husband's birthday. As always I love to give him things that have so much meaning. For this project I decided to do some art with Levia's little feet. I had her paint with them. After that I used her art work as wrapping paper. I must say the outcome was fantastic! Not only did my husband get a gift from me, but he got one worth far more than money can ever replace. Levia's first masterpiece will adorn her play area after my husband opens his gift tomorrow.
Once she finished painting I used her feet to make a heart. I then outlined it, and wrote "HBD DADA!"

Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Feet

A few months ago, I had Levia make a little "I Love Daddy" note for when my husband got home from work. I have always surprised him with such gestures ever since we got married. Now I feel like Levia can be a part of my tradition. I originally put it away in her memory box and left it there. Only recently we bought some cork tile (4 pack cork board) to hang on the wall in her play corner that I decided that would be her first masterpiece to show off. I'm looking forward to all the hand painting and crafts that will be taking over, hopefully soon! I get anxious just thinking about it.
I love how I incorporated her foot prints to make a heart, great way to capture her 4 month old little feet!