Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FWB Carousel

Finally, I am able to snap some recent photos of Levia at the Santa Rosa Mall Carousel.
Probably one of the prettiest carousels I have ever seen.
The one that tops this one is in Pensacola.
We'll be taking more photos of that when the fair is in town.
So excited about that!
This time we made the trip to the carousel pretty memorable.
We invited Levia's little friend to join us.
I'm not kidding when I say that these two are very fond of each other.
They start of being very shy, but once they get comfortable, they're chasing each other and holding hands.
Seriously, they are too cute!
Though, I would love to post photos of him, I will have to leave those out since I do not have permission from his mother to post them. (I didn't ask.)
I'm still happy of the photos I was able to capture of Levia.
I wish I had my ergo, Rowan would have been a part of these photos.
Maybe next time.

I love how Levia had a serious case of nose picking.
I ended up helping her out at the end.
She indeed had one big crusty bugger.
Poor girl had been trying to get it out for quite some time.

This last photo was taken by Levia's playdate's mother.
Seriously, I am in LOVE!

My Caroline

I feel like it's been a while since I wrote a post about Levia.
I'm glad to finally have her sit down for some pictures.
I stopped doing them once she turned two since no one ever counts past 24 months.
I never even actually counted past 12 months.
(It was only for her photos that I did 13-23 months,)
When asked about Levia's age, I always told people "she's one", "almost one and a half" or "almost two".
Depending what she was closer to.
Right now Levia is a very active two year old.
And with two's come a whole lot of baggage.
We've been dealing with some crazy "terrible twos" lately.
Luckily, I don't think it's as bad as people make it to be.
When frusteration sets in for Levia and she screams and cries at the same time, I bend down to her level. I talk to her and tell her "it's okay."
Everything will be okay, even though her little mind thinks that it's not.
I always assure her that her dirty hands can be washed, that the food that fell off her fork is okay, there is more on her plate, that when Rowan cries she doesn't have to cry with her too, when a toy doesn't fit inside another toy, it's all okay.
Everything will be okay.
She's slowly starting to understand that.
When something breaks and she wants it fixed we talk to her and teach her to come to us and say "Mom can you fix it?" instead of screaming and crying.
She loves it when we teach her how to properly talk to us.
She stops crying, she breaks a smile and she repeats everything we say.
I'm so ready for her to talk and I know she is too.
Where she can finally say "Mom, can I have this or that" or "Mom, can you help me with this".
I'm ready for that.
Once that happens, I know everything will be 100 times easier.
For now, I'll just enjoy her little gibberish talk.
It's cute.
It makes me smile.
It makes me laugh.
It melts my heart.
I fall in love with her more and more.
She's cute.
Everything she does is beautiful.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I have been wanting to take these photos since I first saw them on Instagram and Pinterest.
It was actually before I was even pregnant.
I knew if I had a little girl these were some of the photos I wanted of her.
I absolutely love how they came out.
Not only Rowan, but both of my girls are just Darling.
Levia really loves her little sister, so if I can I do try to see if Levia is in the mood to take photos with her sister.
Though she is very fond of her little sister, there are days where she'd rather just be alone.
Not only am I loving how these photos came out,
I managed to take them on my birthday.
Today I celebrate 27 years of life.

I wasn't going to post this photo of Rowan's gummy smile.
But it's too darn cute.
Look at her.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Beach Day as Family of Four

Oh my goodness!
Finally a weekend without rain.
I seriously have lost count how long it's been since we've had a decent sunny day here in Florida.
Maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago?
I'm not too sure.
But today we made the best of our family day.
I originally thought it would be another day of rain.
Last night the sky was filled with another lightning show.
Levia of course loved the beach.
Rowan on the other hand, snoozed away for the most part.
It was a nice breezy, sunny day.
We played in the sand, ran around, nursed, and enjoyed the cool water.
One thing was missing.
A nice cold drink in my hand.
We totally forgot to pack some waters for us.
Luckily we never forget about Levia.
And Rowan, well no need to pack bottles for her since she's still exclusively breast fed.
We did enjoy some snacks from a nearby candy shop though.
I'm looking forward to what next week holds for us.
Another beach day?
I sure hope so!

A few photos of Row from a few day ago.