Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black and White

I was finally able to find a cute outfit that has black in it for Rowan.
Honestly, finding anything with black for infants is hard.
Everything is either pink or blue for the most part.
Even finding gender neutral clothes can be hard.
Luckily while I was at Old Navy I was able to find a cute black and white polkadot romper.
I love that it's perfect for our Florida weather and it matcher her shoes.
We bought her a pair of black shoes before we even knew the gender of our baby.
They are her first pair of real shoes.
I don't count her doggy slippers.
She's such a cutie pie wearing this little outfit.
I can't wait to take her out later today so she can enjoy the Floridian breeze.

One thing I noticed after taking these photos is how much she really looks like Levia.
They're almost identical to her infant photos.
Though some of their facial features are different,
they look exactly alike.
We have another Jr. on our hands.

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