Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Friday

Though we don't have any plans, I still managed to make sure Levia looked extra cute today.
And of course, my heart melts with her beauty.
She's silly, smart, filled with love, and to top it all off she's beautiful.
Very beautiful.
I never fail to let her know that she is.
Just like her sister, I tend to use the nickname "beautiful" when I talk to my girls.
I see both of them and I know I am beyond blessed.
I have everything I'll ever need in life right in front of me.
A loving supportive husband and two little girls to cheer me on.

(Levia's outfit- Top: Old Navy/Infant Boy's, Skirt: Target, Shoes: ZaraBaby, and Backpack: Target)
We decided to get a little carried away with the camera.
Love my babygirl so much!
Too bad Lenny wasn't a part of our session, she's napping with her Daddy right now.

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  1. such a cute girl! I loved the outfit as well!:)