Friday, March 17, 2017

Big Bend Trip 2017

Well I seem to have gone a bit MIA, but here I am finally posting and updating a bit.
We've officially made our move back to Texas and boy,
is it a big adjustment.
We love it.
We hate it.
We love it for the reason that our family is here and it's been nice watching my girls play with everyone that loves them. Especially with their great-grandparents.
We hate it because we left our small town living for the city.
Either way, we're making the best of it.
We really are.
I consider my family to be a bit adventurous.
We've only been here about 4 months and we just finished getting back from a mini family trip we took to Big Bend.
It's been on our list to visit for many years and thankfully my little girl convinced us to just go.
The thing is, my parents go every year during spring break and we were invited to go.
Only, we have a lot to do.
We've been slowing working on our fixer-upper of a home and leaving thing un-done, when we'll be getting a new roof in a few days didn't seem convenient.
But my parents don't take no for an answer.
And neither does Levia.
She started getting her shoes and underwear ready for the trip and that's when my husband and I looked at each other and said, "let's go."
Just like that.
The trip there wasn't so bad.
But once we got there,
oh my goodness,
is it beautiful!
Totally not what we expected.
We camped in the middle of Chisos Mountains Campground,
in a borrowed tent (thanks to my brother).
And we made the best of it.
We loved every bit of it.
The girls loved every bit of it.
And to be honest,
we're looking forward to taking another trip back to Big Bend.
So as always,
here are a few photos of our trip.

Our first stop once we got inside Big Bend was to look at the Fossil Exhibit.

Finally making our way to Chisos Basin Campground to meet my parents.

Enjoying an evening hike from our campground.

That sun is finally shining it's golden color and everything just looked better.
We don't call it "the golden hour" for nothing.

Finally, a little family portrait.
Thanks to the man who offered and did a wonderful job.

Our little tent.
Though I did take a photo of the outside,
that picture is on my phone.
Hopefully I update this post with a picture,
because it was everything beautiful.

On our way to Santa Elena Canyon.

Rowan enjoying her bird whistle.

And we're here.
Santa Elena Canyon.

Cooling off in the Rio Grande.

You know, enjoying that view.
Isn't it spectacullar?
Oh and I have to add,
night time at our campground was beautiful.
Never have we ever seen such bright stars.
The biggest.
The brightest.
And the clearest.
It really made you appreciate everything around you.

"Look mom. I found a Harry Potter broom!"

Finally, checking out some cactuses.
Also the visitor center to pick up last minute souveniers.

As you can see.
Some one found something that she's been wanting.
A bandana like mom,
but in pink,
because pink is her favorite color.

The end.