Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 Months Old

Happy ten months of life my precious Rowan Eleanor!
Once again you are accomplishing so much.
You say "Mam" when you need me.
You love to "pretend" jump on Levia's trampoline.
You can stand up on your own without holding on to anything.
You're learning to walk holding our hands,
but you already walk when you're holding on to the sofa or table.
You love love love to eat!
You're doing great at BLW still,
and you have no problem trying new foods.
BF is still going strong, woop woop!
We're almost at the 10 month mark.
(Since today is June 2nd.)
You're still a Mommy's girl,
though cuddling with Daddy is your favorite.
One thing that I love is when Daddy gets home,
you drop everything and anything,
and speed crawl to the door to greet him.
He love it!
Always holding you and Levia in his arms saying "My daughters!"
You both,
have no idea how much ya'll mean to us.
We love you both so much!
you have a love for books.
And by love, I mean,
you love to flip through the pages and sometimes ripping a page or two.
You love to dance.
We turn on our record player,
pick you up,
and in our arms we swing you around to the melody.
You're always smiling.
Always laughing.

Some goodies from this past week.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Goodbye May

Hello hello June!
My favorite month, along with August.
May, you were amazing.
Rowan has been accomplishing so much lately.
She say's "Mam" when she needs me,
and she ended the month by standing up unassisted.
Yes, she stands without holding on to anything!
My baby girl is growing up so fast.
And now that June is here,
I pray that we have an amazing one.