Monday, September 23, 2013

Finished Dollhouse

I finally painted Levia's dollhouse. I really thought this part would be the easiest, but it really wasn't, there was so much to paint, so many little details to add to make it "Levia's". I have to say that I probably put about 6 hours, maybe more into this dollhouse. I'm so happy to say that I have finished it.

I love the little "I love u L.C." note on the refrigerator. I just had to add that extra personalized touch to it.

I'm not too sure if I will be adding people to it. For now there won't be any since Levia doesn't mind at all.

I hope you enjoy this dollhouse my love just as much as I did making it for you.
I love you my Caroline.

Cardboard Dollhouse

Since Zara had their sale, I have so many boxes laying around. I had been saving them to make something out of it, luckily they really came in handy since I decided to make Levia her own dollhouse. It was so much work but well worth it. I love the type of boxes Zara uses. It's sturdy and thin, so cutting small pieces was such a breeze. 
So far this is what it looks like.
It still needs a paint job though.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

15 Months Old

This past month Levia has grown so much. She's leaving her baby features and is showing signs that she's a little girl. I still see her as my tiny little baby girl, it's not until I look at photos of her that I can see that she's loosing her baby chubbiness. Her neck and chin is more defined, her nose is no longer that itty bitty but it's starting to take a new shape.
She has really been impressing us so much everyday. One thing she likes is pointing to body parts. She can point to her head, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, elbow, bellybutton, and feet. Today I asked her twice how old she was and without hesitating she put up one finger. She is also fearless. The couch is her favorite spot to hang out. We find it to be very unsafe since she can fall off at any moment, no matter how many times we tell her no, put her down, and redirect her attention she still finds it to be funny. I'm looking forward to what the next few weeks brings us. I pray that they are bright and blissful.
I loved how Levia's 15 Month photos came out. This was the first one I snapped. To me it says so much. It's as if Levia is saying "Mom are you serious? The things I have to wear for you." I just can't help it. Levia looks great in anything. Her crown this month was made with the felt flowers I used on her 10 Months banner. I just used pipe cleaners and hot glue to keep them in place.  
On this photo you can actually she her holding one of her toys. It's seriously the only way I can keep her still. I just sit her down and put all of her ABC blocks around her and let her play. The hardest part was keeping her crown on. No matter how much the blocks distracted her, that crown never lasted more than 10 seconds on her head.

This was right before she pulled it off. Luckily my finger was quick enough to snap this photo. It's by far my favorite of the three.

Happy 15 Months My Princess!
I love you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Elephant Purse

I had a little coin purse for a while that came all the way from Thailand. It was given to me a while back from a good friend of mine. I finally took it out of the dresser and realized that it's the perfect size for Levia. I did the same thing as the last coin purse and turned it into a purse for Levia. It came out cute!

Not the best picture of Levia since she just woke up from a nap, but she's been wearing her new purse all day.

Levia's Books

One thing that I am very fond of, is the time I spend with Levia during our reading time. We don't read ordinary baby books at times, but just getting that reading time in everyday is just amazing. She loves sitting there while I read out loud to her and at times she'll get so close to me and watch me flip the pages one by one. Levia really has a big book collection going on right now. They all range from ABC's to The Giving Tree, Little Women to Oliver Twist, Peter Pan to The Wizard of Oz. I hope that she never looses interest in books, I'm a big fan myself that I really really hope she too will become one.
There are some books that stand out more than the others. Some are about life and troubles that can come in one's life to genuine love that a parent has for a child.
I took it upon myself to buy stamps (the alphabet) and stamp her name in every book. The ones that have extra meaning I add more than just her name. It makes them more personal.
I got this small pack at Wal-Mart for 1$. Well worth it, they even have the stamp ink pads in different colors for 1$ as well.
Here are just a couple of books that I have stamped with Levia's name.

Summer Steals

I have been falling in love with Zara so much lately. They have the cutest kids and baby collection that I have ever seen. The prices are also reasonable too. Everything is of great quality! The have had their summer collection sale going on that I have been taking advantage. I know summer is almost over but it will be here before we know it. She has clothes for a 3 year old already, it's never to early to buy and save clothes. They grow so fast! She's almost 1 and a half years old. Then comes two and so on.
Take advantage of this big sale people.
There is always something new that gets added everyday.
Here is one of the dresses that I bought for 8$. It's simple but very dressy.
Size 3/4. 

I love the open back detail on the dress.

These booties are perfect for fall. Levia has yet to grow into a size 5 that they might actually be her winter boots. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little Princess

I don't know why but lately I look at my daughter and see the most beautiful little girl that has ever existed. She is everything I have ever dreamed of multiplied by a thousand. I look at her and see beauty in every part of her being. People say you don't know love until you become a mother, I honestly can say that, that is true. My heart explodes with the sound of her laughter echoing around our home, her little giggles when she's sitting playing with her toys, how she opens her mouth and leans forward just to give you a kiss, I love it all. I look forward to seeing what a lovely young lady she will grow up to be, I just pray that time slows down a bit. I want to enjoy her childhood, her youth, her innocence as long as I possibly can. Like the words from Fred, "life only goes around once but never again." This is why I've told myself that I will forever do anything in my power to make sure she grows up with so much love and joy in her life.

I love you my Levia Caroline!