Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye July

Hello there August!
You have finally arrived.
This month will be filled with one big blessing.
The arrival of our second child.
Whom is due any day now.
Though baby is due the 8th of this month, I hope to meet her pretty soon.
As I'm writing this, today August 1st marks week 39 of my pregnancy.
Though I'm not sure if she'll want to come out before week 40, I'm very anxiously waiting.
This past month has been so great.
Once again it passed us by way too fast.
The journey of my 2nd pregnancy is almost coming to an end.
Levia has been growing beautifully.
And my husband has been very committed to his school and work that I am so proud of him.
His classes come to an end soon, which is great since he'll be spending more time at home.
No more days of him being away Monday through Thursday all day.
I'm happy with how our lives have been going.
Praying August is just as amazing!
Below: Coloring a picture for Daddy.

Fun in the sun!

Day at the Landing Park.

Jumping in puddles!
Her favorite thing to do.

Historic downtown Fort Walton Beach.

Levia gets a boo-boo.
Not a happy day.
But she's a trooper.

More puddles!

Shopping with Mama.

Yummy ice cream.


I am loving red today.
So much that I dressed Levia in pops of red.
I've been loving legwarmers too.
They're just too cute on toddlers!
We don't have any plans for today, what a bummer but we've been having fun spending our time at home relaxing.
Waiting and waiting on baby.
I'm so ready.
We're so ready.
I'm hoping to have Baby Luna within the next week.
Having a C-section is still haunting me.
Fingers crossed baby decides to make her entry sometime soon.
For now, here's my babygirl looking fabulous.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Almost 39 Weeks

Well today has been a lovely day.
We started of the day with a great start.
Though I did wake up Levia from her sleep she did fine by letting me get her ready.
We had another Dr. appointment today in which everything seems to be going fine with baby.
Strong heartbeat, 0 dilation, and 50% effaced.
Though things aren't moving along like I'd love for them to, it's a start.
I know for sure baby will be taking her time.
She'll come when she's ready, maybe when I least expect it.
I do hope that it's a natural birth.
I'm still holding on hope.
A glimpse of our day.

Though I didn't take any bump pictures today, since I'll leave that for the 39 week bump update.
I did take some photos of Levia.
My love bug.
My beautiful princess.


Friday, July 25, 2014

38 Weeks

Well hello there 38 week bump.
This week went by way toooooo fast!
I'm officially one week away from being considered full term.
Two weeks away from my due date.
I have zero clue as to when baby will make an appearance.
I have a feeling she will take her time.
Nothing seems to be moving.
One thing I am glad is that she's been staying head down.
The Dr. was worried she wouldn't budge from her position and
even informed me that we were looking into having her repositioned by professionals.
It scared me, but so far she's loving head down.
This past week has been filled with really bad heartburn. As always!
We've been eating lots and lots of fruits.
The other day I made a plate filled with sliced bananas, honey drizzled on top, some cinnamon and chia seeds to top it off.
It was amazing!
Peaches and nectarines are what I usually eat if I am craving something sweet.
I have though, been eating some ice cream cones. Levia has been snatching them out of my hand that enjoying them is no longer possible. She's not one to share.
I have also been keeping up with my workouts.
It's all about legs for me right now.
Though I have gained about 30 pounds this pregnancy, I am glad I am no where near the 40+ I gained when I was pregnant with Levia.
We still have yet to pick out a name for baby.
Everything we have come across just doesn't scream to us.
We want something simple, beautiful, and unique.
Not something that is on the "top baby name list" or one that is common.
So far I do have a list, a small one, maybe we will pick from there.
Hopefully my husband picks out or finds a name real soon.
I'd hate to name the baby last minute.
Anyways, here's to week 38 of my pregnancy!