Friday, July 18, 2014

37 Weeks

37 weeks of pregnancy.
2 more weeks until I am full term.
3 weeks until my due date.
My oh my!
How time has flown.
I'm so ready to meet the little Lady.
Anxiously waiting while she bakes a little longer.
I have a feeling she'll take her time and I don't mind one single bit.
As long as she's here with good health.
This past week has been going great.
The same usual pains, nothing serious.
Cravings are the same, watermelon!
I'm waiting to also get another box of Crème Brulee cheesecake.
Hopefully that will happen soon!
I've also been loving ice.
I love the cooling, refreshing feeling it gives me.
Along with ice cold water.
I've been keeping up with my workouts.
A lot of stretching, squats, and basic yoga.
I still drink water with Chia seeds.
Yesterday, I put the seeds in my oatmeal.
I love that no matter how much you put in your water or meal, you don't taste them one bit.
One thing I forgot to mention is how Organic Coconut Oil has been my best friend.
I use it to rub on my belly for extra skin conditioning.
I love how it smells, how it feels, and I've also noticed how it hydrates my skin.
I can say it's better than the creams I've been using.
Though, I highly recommend not putting a lot or right before you plan on putting on your shirt.
Levia has been loving on the belly lately too.
I find these little tender moments to be such a blessing.
I know she'll be a great sister.
She'll want to hold her, she'll want to help, and she'll want to teach her things.
No matter what, I will never let Levia feel left out.
Both my babes will be my number 1.
Here's to 37 weeks of pregnancy!




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