Friday, November 29, 2013

Like Father, Like Daughter

There isn't much to say about the father and daughter connection that Levia has with her "Daddy".
He sees her more than just his baby girl.
She's also our Jr.
Yes, our Jr. She look just like her father.
She's very close to him.
Alongside her father, she watches sports.
It's all about the Dallas Cowboys and the San Antonio Spurs here at home.
So when she got her Spurs jersey, I already knew a photo of both of them wearing their jersey together was a must.
He loves seeing her support his favorite team.
It's a time for them to bond.
I can see it and I can feel it.
She's a Daddy's girl.


Thursday, November 28, 2013


What a wonderful day we had today. We ate some duck (no turkey in this home), cornbread stuffing, sweet potato, sautéed green beans, jellied cranberry, and some brown gravy to top it off with.
I meant to bake a cake, but this horrible back pain is keeping me from doing much.
Luckily I have a wonderful husband who took care of all the cooking while I laid in bed resting.
I love how private and personal our holidays are here.
We really get to enjoy the little moments.
Just us 3.
We're blessed.
We're happy.
We're beyond thankful.
I'm glad that Levia was able to take part in eating  this year.
She loved the duck more than anything else on her plate.

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Day!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little Elephant

Levia has a little ring elephant that we got from the New Orleans Zoo a few months back. Of course it's no where near fitting her little finger. So I had put it in her memory box since I had no idea what we could do with it. Luckily, it's no longer stored away. It's been made into a necklace. Once Levia can fit into her rind, I just have to cut the string off, but Levia really loves wearing it. I guess we'll have to see what comes of it. I'm happy that she's not one to try and pull it of or get frustrated with it. It's just another accessory to her.

Levia's Shoppe

Levia gets another cardboard house added to her collection. With so many Zara boxes laying around, they really come in handy when it comes to making houses.
I uses an old milk carton and hot glued cardboard pieces around this one. It was a lot easier, since I really didn't have to measure much. I also went very plain when it came to painting it. Black and white. Chalk to add little fun details. Little Levia looking out a window, a cat sitting on a windowsill, some curtains, and "Levia's Shoppe" for the front.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Updated Boppy

I have thought of putting Levia's Boppy pillow away, but she loves it. I never bought a colorful cover for it, just a plain white one. I had been meaning to do something with it but I always seemed to forget. Last night, I actually updated her plain Jane pillow. She still likes to cuddle with it and sit on it that I realized her Boppy needed some color. I went with a cat pattern on the front side and a polka-dot pattern on the back. It's no where near perfect but Levia loves it!



Pretty In Black

I love Levia in black, but it's honestly the hardest color to find when it comes to toddler's clothing. Everything is usually red, green, blue, pink, purple, and white. I usually find some black clothing but it sometimes has glitter and sequins. (Things I really don't like.) Luckily, I was able to snag these faux leather leggings from Wal-Mart for $1 and the skeleton sweater for $2.50 at Target. I shop in both the boy's and girl's department for Levia. I need to get/make her a black bow tie. I know she'll look darling in it!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pensacola Children's Museum

What a nice cool day today. We actually had planned to go to Panama City Beach, but instead we went to Pensacola. It was worth the drive. Levia had so much fun. Running, exploring, meeting new people, singing, and playing. The Pensacola Children's Museum might be small, but the amount of fun that Levia has is worth it. I'm sure glad it didn't rain either. (It was drizzling when we got there.) We were able to take a walk around their historic downtown area. It's beautiful! The houses, shops, and ambiance. It's a great way to relax.