Monday, November 18, 2013

17 Months Old

Levia's been growing so much! She never hesitates to learn more and more. She knows very well many of her body parts, she no longer struggles with pointing to her chin. I love when she shows you her fingers, how she holds up her little hand with her fingers dangling almost as if she's asking for a kiss on her hand. She has been signing so well, occasionally she'll sign "thank you". She has yet to master "I love you" but she still tries her hardest to sign it. This month Levia has been talking so much! We have no clue what she is saying. She can go on and on when you talk to her. We find it to be very cute. She has also had little outbursts here and there. We tell her to relax, breathe, and just to try and tell us what she wants. A few times she has been able to do so. Levia also got a bed! A big step for all of us. She has started sleeping alone, just not all night. (Yet!) I didn't think she would take having her own bed too well, but she really loves it. I know she loves the comfort of having her Momma and Dada right beside her when she sleeps, so when she wakes up in the middle of the night we are not bothered with her joining us in bed. I know the transition of sleeping alone is something that will take some time. For now we enjoy sleeping, cuddling, and waking up beside her. She may be almost a year and a half, but she's still our baby girl.
Hello 17 Months!

I love how I was able to capture Levia's silliness this time. She usually moves so much that some of the photos come out blurry.
I love you LC!

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