Tuesday, January 29, 2013

McNay Adventure

I have only a few days left here in San Antonio. Very sad! I'm going to miss my home away from home. There is so much beauty here. At the same time, I am ready to return to my husband and enjoy my real home. I'm ready to relax and enjoy the beach. Only 2 days left and we make our journey back to Florida.
The other day I finally got to go to a place I had been wanting to go to, The McNay Art Museum. I have been going there for years, so I do my best to visit when I am in town. Not only is it magnificent, it is gorgeous! I used to go alone or with a friend, but this time I got to enjoy it with Levia and my brother. We got to take some wonderful pictures of our journey that day. I think Levia had a blast! Hope I get to visit again soon!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summer Dress

I finally made a trip to Baby Gap. We don't have one where I live so going there was on my list of things to do. Right now they have a Peter Rabbit Collection that is absolutely adorable. There is one dress I fell in love with the most, a simple summer dress with mustard colour rabbits on them. On the collar they added a little bow, it gives it the extra girlie touch that it needs without overdoing it. Taking a closer look at the dress I found that in the sleeves they also added some tulle, that is what makes them pop up. Genius! I still have about 6 months before Levia can wear it, so for now I will just admire it while it sits on a hanger.



Comfort Blanket

So the other day at Target I came across the Aden + Anais 2 pack comfort blanket. I had been eyeing them for sometime. Levia has the habit of grabbing, holding, and pulling my hair while I try to put her down fir nap and her bed time. It's one habit of hers that I have been trying to break, fingers crossed that these blankets help me out a bit. The first day I gave it to her she loved it, it's so flimsy and soft. I also introduced it to her while trying to put her down for bed, it has worked, she really holds it tight to her while I comfort her in my arms. I know the feeling of it is no where near like the feeling of my hair in between her fingers. With that being said I hope she'll gradually forget about my hair and just hold on to her blanket a little bit longer.

Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Months Old

Another month has passed and now my Levia is 7 Months Old. I still find it hard to believe that it was only 7 months ago since her birth, it feels like it was just last week. She has been growing up gracefully. One thing that I have loved the most about this past month is how Levia has started to wrap her arms around me when I hold her. (It feels like she is actually hugging me!) I love that feeling so much! She has also started to extend her arms out whenever she is ready to be picked up. A part of me wants to enjoy this stage a little longer, but I am so eager to hear her voice and see her take her first steps.

For now my precious one, Happy 7 Months! I love you so much! -Momma&Dada





Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ella's Baby Cookies

Time has been flying. Levia is turning 7 Months in two days. Not only do I feel that she has grown so much I know she is ready for New foods. I bought Else's Kitchen Baby Cookies, not knowing how well Levia would do. (She has no teeth yet, hopefully soon!) I gave her one today and she started gnawing away, she loves it. For it being her first try at something solid, she ate half of it. One good thing I noticed was that it helps her with teething. Lately her teething has been bad, it comes and goes but I noticed it was very soothing for her. After seeing how well she did, I think I may introduce certain table foods.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little Black Shoes

I have to share some of the loveliest shoes that I have found. Finally a pair of black Mary Jane leather shoes. I just have to find the perfect dress. When it comes to black shoes I have always found it to be the most hardest pair to find. Everything is colourful and bright when it comes to anything baby girl. I got these for a steal, $10 at Marshall's.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Special Gift

We had a lot of friends and family hold off on baby shower gifts since I had no idea the gender of our baby. (I was 34 Weeks when I was told I was having a girl.) By then I had already left to Florida. One of my best friends had finally decided what her gift to Levia would be. A pair of James Avery earrings, not only are they beautiful but every jewelry made by them is of great quality. (I actually own numerous of James Avery jewelry pieces.) We went for their most smallest yet simple design, a pair of hearts. Once she is ready for her real earrings, I know she is going to look lovely. We adore James Avery!

Fancy Jewelry Box

While at SAMA the other night I had bought a miniature glass jewelry box (SAMA's Aphrodite and the God's of Love gift shop, I checked to see if it was sold online and I couldn't find it. It may probably only be sold in the actual gift shop.) It is the perfect size to put my rings or earrings in for storage. Not only did I need one but it was one of the most stylish box that I have ever seen. Looking at the miniature details I cannot help but be reminded of the Indian culture. I will also add that the price was not bad, $15. I feel like that is such a steal. I have seen similar ones that easily go for $30+.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mission Concepcion

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Texas. It was the perfect weather to go out for a walk and enjoy a little bit of what San Antonio has to offer. I love the missions here! They are beautiful! We made sure to capture a few photos of our day. To any one who plans to take a trip here needs to make time to visit the missions since we have a few here. 
(The photos below were taken at Mission Concepcion, hope you all enjoy them.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Puj Snug

So I had totally forgotten that I had won an elephant Puj Snug Spout Cover from Spearmint Baby. I had entered around mid December and followed all the guidelines to win one. Luckily I won! I was so excited it was the exact one I had been wanting for quite some time. Levia is only 6 Months right now so having a spout cover was last on my list. I know once she is ready for bath time in the tub, the spout cover will provide the adequate protection if my daughter is to ever come in contact with it. The snug fit along with the padding that it provides will do it's job well. It is one less thing for me to worry about during her baths. We are looking forward to trying out our Puj Snug, and letting you all know how well it has worked for us. For now I would recommend for everyone to head over to Spearmint Baby and follow along, they have so many great ideas, beautiful photos, and sometimes great giveaways too.(Who knows you just might be a winner!)

Here is a little update. We have finally pulled out our Puj Snug and gave it a shot, it fits perfectly snug on our spout. What parent wouldn't want to protect our babies from bumps while they are having fun in the tub? That's right, even though we can not prevent every scratch or ding our children will encounter, why not do our best to provide a safe environment for them.
Even though Levia is not ready for baths in the actual tub, we still cover our spout during her bath time. She has become quite the dare-devil. From leaning forward, to laying herself back to lounge or simply reaching as far out from the tub to see what she can touch. We'd rather be safe than sorry, I'm quite sure a bump to an uncovered spout could harm and worse a head injury. Knowing the Snug is there to prevent such thing has left me with some ease!
Just look at how snug our Snug is! Not only is he soft but his cushion is thick. I highly recommend in parents buying a spout cover for their children. Do look into Puj, they are trust-worthy in my book.

SAMA Tuesday

Yesterday was such a gloomy day, but that didn't stop us from making the best of it. Here in San Antonio we have our museum open for free on Tuesday evenings from 4-9.(San Antonio Museum of Art, SAMA)  I have only 3 weeks left before I make my trip back to Florida so I took advantage of it. There is so much to see that Levia had a great time. She was so alert, only I think it was a little too much for her since she managed to find time for a nap. I'm glad to have made more memories with my daughter here in Texas.

Lovely Owls

I Love SkipHop! My sister had gotten Levia a gift, at first we didn't think we would be using it for quite some time. I was wrong, it is perfect for traveling and a mini diaper bag that my husband can use when he's out with Levia. (Since he thinks my diaper bad is too GIRLIE!) The gift she got us was the owl zoo backpack from SkipHop. It is simply adorable!

I always knew I would add on to their owl collection, so while at Target the other day I found the tuck-away zoo owl bib. Knowing how easy this bib can be folded into a pouch will make it easy for me when I feed Levia her baby food on the go. Once it gets dirty, I can rinse it, dry it, put it away and reuse it. I have other reusable bibs but they are not easy to carry along since you can't fold them, I know if it tried the bib will no longer hold it's natural shape. I'm so looking forward to adding to her little collection.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cute Baby Leg Warmers

While at Target today I found some knitted women's arm warmers. They are absolutely gorgeous, I had no idea such thing existed! I immediately thought how cute they would be on Levia, they are perfect for her little legs. Now that the weather has changed and it has started to get cold, I adore putting leg warmers on Levia. She looks absolutely divine! Not only do they fit well the price was not too bad either since they were on clearance. (You can't beat that!)
How beautiful are these colours?