Sunday, March 30, 2014

21 Weeks

Week 21 of my pregnancy is here. Well to be exact I am 21 weeks and 2 days.  Baby has been moving so much! I love feeling little kicks here and there from her. I'm anxiously waiting for the little hiccups that'll come from her. I think those were one of the best moments of my pregnancy with Levia. She always had hiccups. Oh, just thinking of those days make me miss baby Levia. She gave us such an easy time from the start. I pray this baby is just the same.
This week has been all about watermelon, milkshakes, mini wheats, and captain crunch.
Nothing too crazy yet.
I've been loving this past month so far.
It's been filled with growing my little garden. (Which is actually growing!)
I'm so ready to see the flowers bloom and the peppers to grow.
I've had a difficult time growing cilantro and basil that I hope this time they sprout.
We've been having plenty of days that consist of painting, drawing, playing, and blowing bubbles.
Levia has been so loving and sweet too.
While I was laying down on the couch relaxing she came over and gave my belly a kiss.
My heart exploded!
She knows there's a baby in Mommy's tummy, but I don't think she really understands that it's a real baby. She's too little to comprehend that. It still doesn't stop me from telling her she'll be a big sister soon.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Funday

Another painting day filled for our Levia. It's one of her absolute favorite hobbies.
If she was given the opportunity, I know she'd paint her whole body.

Lucky us, today is my husband's Friday. We're happy to have him tomorrow.
I've been anxiously waiting for a good beach day, but it seems like it'll rain the next 3 days. Let's hope the weatherman is wrong!
I'm looking forward to Saturday though. If we're able to make it, Levia will be going to her first birthday party. I'm not sure she'll be, I hope she has fun.
I'm sure she'll enjoy playing with other little girls.

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Little Sleeping Beauty

Lately Levia has been taking naps quite early. Well too be correct, she's been napping earlier than usual. Her naps had been her sleeping between 8-10 at night. Luckily, she's been playing with our neighbors that they have been wearing her out. It's been such a blessing having them around. Levia had no idea how children play, how siblings interact, or how to simply play with other children. She's been enjoying them as much as I have. Her curiosity has been growing too. Just seeing her laugh because of them is such a joy. When she's happy my heart is happy.
I've been taking advantage of her naps, snapping away with my camera phone.
She has no idea how much she amazes me during these times.
I admire her like no other.
Her little nose, her small hands, her tiny little toes, to the little toss and turns she makes while she sleep are all blessings I find amusing.
I decided to post some of these photos, since I find them to all be beautiful.

Sweet dreams my little sleeping beauty.
Momma loves you!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

20 Weeks

The half way mark is finally here. Baby Luna will be here in just 20 weeks.
How crazy is that?
We are ready for our little girls to be together.
I'm ready to see them bond, for them to build their love and friendship.
I hope it's like no other.

The past few weeks I've been craving watermelon and spicy salsa. Yummy!
Baby is getting stronger, her kicks are finally telling me "Hello Mom, I'm here!". I can feel her slightest kick now. I feel like I am carrying smaller this time around, at least for now.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Baby Luna Gender Reveal

So the time has finally come. Our baby is growing just lovely. Perfect in every way possible. I got to see the heart working, it's so magnificent. The arms and legs, all the movement that the baby was making was insane. Our baby loved being on the screen. The ultrasound tech had no problem doing the anatomy scan since he considered it to be a breeze since baby Luna was cooperating. I remember it took quite sometime with Levia, she was one shy baby. She didn't even let us see her gender until I was 30+ weeks. How crazy!
I've kept my word when I said, any gender will make me happy as long as he/she is healthy. I still hold on to those words. Words can not even describe how amazed I was just looking at the screen. I do wish my husband could have been a part of it, but luckily I get to surprise him when he gets home. I'm anxiously waiting for that moment.
For now here's a few photos I have to share.
I'll update later tonight with our gender reveal.
Will Baby Luna be a boy or a girl?
Who knows!
So stay tuned.
My cake waits patiently for the arrival of my husband, inside is filled with blue or pink.
I can't wait for him to be surprised.
Baby Luna we're ready for you!
Our big reveal!
We're proud to announce that Levia will be having a little sister.
Yes, another little girl.
We knew it all along. Another princess will join our family.
I can't even begin to say how thrilled I am.
A boy would have been nice, it would have meant no more children.
For now, that's how it will be though.
Levia and little Luna.
Maybe in the future a boy will make an appearance.
Guess we'll have to wait and see.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Painted Stick

Another project checked off of our list. I've been eyeing this project for so long, I just never found the right stick. Luckily Levia appeared with the perfect one just the other day.
I have had these lovely bright pastel acrylic paints that I've been meaning to use. I have to say this painted stick came out better than expected. Of course Levia tried to help me, as always. We love working together. I think there should be more painted sticks, seriously they are just beautiful!
This lovely stick now rests over our sofa. My husband hasn't seen it, so I hope he loves the placement. It's a way of hanging up a piece of Levia's art work.


It's All About the Gold

Well the title pretty much gives it away.
This year Levia's birthday is all about the gold.
Yes, we're going to have so much gold this time.
I've already started making a few of her decorations.
I still need a banner, some balloons, and little accessories for display. (Like fresh flowers!)
Of course the cake is always last so I'm not worried about that.
I'm so ready for her to enjoy her day.
We're 3 months away!

21 Months Old

Oh gosh! Where do I start? Levia has been such a sponge.
She knows way too much!
Her talking is getting better, not the best of course since most is gibberish. She tries her best to repeat words when we teach her. Her sign language ability has been improving. She can sign "Mama, Dada, Please, Thank You, More, Eat, Finish, Yes, Milk, Beautiful, and Diaper".
She knows about 10 letters of the alphabet, where ever there is writing she's quick to go and point out the letters that she knows. It's amazing!
She knows about 5 numbers between 1-10. Her favorite is the number 8 and the letter Z.
Levia is still very fond her babies, cat, and dog. She carries them everywhere.
Lately she has been very affectionate. She'll come up from behind me and say "haaahg, haaahg", (hug) it's the sweetest and most precious thing.
Though television is very limited, she has been falling in love with Peppa the Pig. Her nursery rhymes are still her favorite, along with My Baby Can Read series.
Her favorite food is the "meigh, meigh". Which is the banana.
She's also into yogurts.
I wonder what this month will bring, I'm ready to see what silliness she'll bring us.
Happy 21 Months my Beautiful Princess!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Luna

Well the time is getting near, we'll be finding out the gender of our baby this Friday! Yes, finally. We have an idea of what we're being blessed with, but it's always better hearing it from the professionals. We're happy and very anxious at the same time. Not only will we find out the gender, I'll be seeing the little bug. I pray and hope that he's doing and growing just fine.
That's all I want.
A nice healthy baby Luna.
I managed to take these photos with the help of my husband. We plan on sending a picture text to family and friends when we find out the gender of the baby.
Since my husband won't be there during the ultra sound, I do plan to surprise him. I'm not sure how but I know a cake will be involved. So stay tuned for that post!


Friday, March 14, 2014

19 Weeks

Another week, another belly shot. Though I still look really small these weekly belly photos really make me look bigger. Not sure if it's the clothes, the lighting, or the fact of where my hands are placed. I can say, I'm smaller this time around. Baby has been kicking a lot more lately. I can sometimes feel him when I'm standing and doing things. I even saw a glimpse of his kicks yesterday when I was laying down. It's so crazy how fast babies grow.
We're exactly one week away from finding out the gender of our baby, I pray the results of his anatomy scan is perfect. There is nothing more than what we would want.
A nice, healthy baby is all we dream of.

19 weeks and counting...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

18 Weeks

We finally got the confirmation that we'll be seeing our bug on the 21st. It's also the day we find out the gender. Yay!
We're so happy, excited, and anxious all at once.
I have been feeling the baby kick like crazy. Not all the time, but he's strong enough to kick my hand. I can feel him perfectly. I love love those days. Though I try to get my husband to feel, he gets pretty impatient so he's missed out.
Here's to 18 Weeks!
To add a sweet photo from this past week as well, here's Levia passed out on the floor once again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Another day of fun here in our home. Levia got to paint herself a new little masterpiece. She's not the best at holding a brush or a pencil, but she tries her best. I assumed today would be a rainy day since this morning started off that way. I love when he have a day that's filled with painting, I can say that Levia loves these days too. She knows she can get messy and have a bath afterwards. She could never turn down a bath, it's her favorite!

I seriously don't think words could ever describe how beautiful and wonderful Levia really is. I can say overs and overs how much of a good girl she really is and I still don't think that's enough.
She's the whole package. Smart, beautiful, independent, sweet, loving, artistic, and most of all she has so much compassion. So many qualities for such a little person. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Yesterday we managed to get so much out of the way. My 17 week appointment, Levia's flu shot, some lab work, and I managed to schedule my U/S appointment for 20 weeks. We did all this in the morning, of course my Levia loves to sleep in until 11-ish. This time we were up by 8 and home by noon. I dressed her while she slept, there was no way of waking her up. My poor baby just wanted sleep. When we got home, we managed to relax a bit. In which, Levia got really quiet. I thought she was playing on the floor my feet, to my surprise she made herself comfortable and decided to sleep instead. Levia usually doesn't sleep during the day, she'll refuse it and put up a fight. This time it got the best of her. I couldn't help but snap a few photos of her. She's such a beauty!

My sleeping beauty!