Monday, August 25, 2014

2 Week Old Rowan

Here's to two weeks with Rowan.
As you can see she's grown quite a bit since the last post.
I'm sure it has to do with breastfeeding.
She's so squishy, so energetic!
She loves to look around, staying awake during the day is her favorite, she loves to smile, and trying to talk is a struggle but she never fails to try.
As of now she wakes up about 3 times during the night to nurse.
Depending on her mood she'll keep us up since she'll want to be carried.
No matter how tired we are we wake up and tend to her every need.
Pumping has been a big help.
Robert loves to wake up and feed her himself.
It gives him time to bond with her.
The way he holds her has me loving her 10000X's more.
He's fond of her, as am I.
We love you so much!  



Sunday, August 17, 2014

1 Week Old Rowan

Oh my goodness, I'm finally updating this post!

Having Rowan home for the first week was a real test for my family.
Waking up throughout the night to change her diaper and feed her was something new for us.
It's been about two years since we cared for a newborn.
We were very tired for the first few days.
But we got through it.

Since I chose to exclusively breastfeed, now that's where I was really tested.
"Would I be able to do this?
Will I give up?
Do I have the support?"
The answers were easy.
"Yes, I can do this.
I will NOT give up.
I have one very supportive husband."
As I'm writing this, Rowan is 6 weeks old.
We have a freezer full of breast milk, while Rowan and I have no signs of quitting our breastfeeding sessions.
She has really bonded well with me.
Looks to us we might have a Mommy's girl.
The way she holds on to me and my clothes while nursing is one thing I love.
How she gently rests her head against my chest after nursing and dozes off into her slumber is sweet.
Or how she looks up to me with a smile in between her nursing has me swooning.
She's beautiful.
She's our little 7.5 pounds of love.
Our world.
The center of our universe.

We love you so much Rowan!

Happy one week my love.

A few photos from this past week.
(Not including photos from phone,
those will be uploaded at the end of the month.)

Of course I can't Leave out Levia.
Here's Levia playing with her birthday gift from her Aunt Rose.
A set of Ninja Turtle toys.
As you can see she loves them very much!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rowan Eleanor

First few days with Lenny.

Well, let's see.
The first night with Rowan was a tough one.
I had been very short on sleep that I can say I've had no more than 3 hours of sleep.
She cried a lot the first night home.
Always hungry.
It wasn't until the second night that she actually got some sleep and we managed to get some sleep in too.
For a moment I thought she'd be one to cry all night long, but she's proven me wrong.
She'll wake up at night to eat but isn't much of a crier.
She loves opening her eyes and looking around the room.
Levia on the other hand, well she loved to sleep.
She wasn't much to look around.
Since the first night, everything has fallen into place.
There's one thing I am proud of.
Rowan is EBF!
Yes, we have not bought one can of formula.
I wish I was this determined with Levia.
But, I'm glad I still managed to breastfeed her until she was 6 months old.
Only this time, I plan to make it to one year.
I pray that I have the strength and energy to keep up breastfeeding.
Though I can admit it is hard, I have my stash of frozen breast milk piling up.
I'm proud of that, Rowan deserves the best.