Monday, August 4, 2014

39 Weeks

 Well, I'm finally able to write an update.
I'm currently 39 weeks and 4 days.
(Photos 39w3d)

I have been so busy with making sure we have everything ready for baby.
A lot of organizing, donating, cleaning, and buying last minute things for baby.
We are pretty much ready.
All we need is for baby to arrive.

Today, I had another appointment and it was a little disappointing.
Nothing is moving along.
Baby is still resting high and I have yet to dilate any.
I also had a C-section scheduled for this Friday if baby didn't arrive by then, but
I had a talk with the Dr. and had it pushed to next Thursday on the 14th.
I will be one day shy of 41 weeks if I even get that far.
I'm praying very hard for a healthy delivery.
A natural birth is what I'm anxiously looking forward to so lets hope this baby decides to make her appearance before the 14th.

This past week has been great. We've had amazing days at the beach, where we have managed to swim and soak up the sun.
Levia has really been loving the ocean water.
If baby doesn't come any time soon, I hope to have another amazing weekend with Levia.
She deserves to have to best time.

I am still working out.
I keep hoping that my workouts will help with labor and also to see if things start moving along.
Though things aren't going like I planned, I am staying on track.
I'm still watching what I eat, making sure I stay away from fatty foods.
It's hard but I'm proud of how well I've managed to stay fit during this whole pregnancy.
Let's hope I keep it up one more week and that baby comes by the time I write my next update.

Here's to week 39!

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