Monday, August 25, 2014

2 Week Old Rowan

Here's to two weeks with Rowan.
As you can see she's grown quite a bit since the last post.
I'm sure it has to do with breastfeeding.
She's so squishy, so energetic!
She loves to look around, staying awake during the day is her favorite, she loves to smile, and trying to talk is a struggle but she never fails to try.
As of now she wakes up about 3 times during the night to nurse.
Depending on her mood she'll keep us up since she'll want to be carried.
No matter how tired we are we wake up and tend to her every need.
Pumping has been a big help.
Robert loves to wake up and feed her himself.
It gives him time to bond with her.
The way he holds her has me loving her 10000X's more.
He's fond of her, as am I.
We love you so much!  



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