Friday, January 30, 2015

Breast Milk Popsicles

 So I've been making breast milk popsicles for the last few weeks.
Both my girls love them so I try to make this a regular treat for them.
With Levia I change things up a bit.
She enjoys regular frozen breast milk.
But, I've mixed in some Ovaltine to hers and she loves them even more.
I don't know why  I hadn't thought of this.
Since I was using regular popsicle molds for my girls, they were too big for Rowan.
She couldn't hold nor could she enjoy it like she wanted to.
So I used my ice cube tray as a mold and her paci to make hers and boy did she love it.
She seriously gobbled that up in about 5 minutes, maybe less.
This is probably the best idea I have ever thought of.
Though I can't take full credit since I saw a post similar to this on Pinterest, only they used a paci and water to help with teething.

Here's to frozen treats.
Messy clothes.
And happy tummies. 

It's Friday Ya'll

 It's Friday and we're feeling great.
It's been one week of fully working out and eating healthy.
I decided to change things up and put myself in some photos with my girls.
Everything I post usually revolves around them growing.
From how I feel, what they've accomplished, to basically overloading the web with photos of them.
I look forward to making these type of photos a regular thing.
At least weekly.

We love being silly together.
And we need more of these moments caught on camera.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feeling Better Than Ever

 It's been an amazing day.
I've been feeling better than ever.
We're up by 10, I've been working out, and we've been eating healthy.
Everyday is a great day in our home.
It's filled with laughter, joy, and pure bliss.
We're so blessed and thankful for what God has provided us with.
Our girls are our world.