Sunday, January 11, 2015

Buzzy Bee

There is one brand that we love so much in our household.
And that is Burt's Bees Baby.
It's my go-to product for my girls.
We seriously love it.
From a little chap stick to butt creams to baby wash.
I have always loved using their products.
Once I had Levia, I knew that if I used these amazing products for myself they too will be using them.
I love them, I want the best for them, so they deserve the very best.
I love that these products are gentle on their skin.

 Just to give a summary of what we use:
-Chap Stick
-Facial Scrub
-Clarifying Toner
-Hand Salve
-Baby Shampoo & Wash
-Diaper Cream
-Sunscreen Stick
-Dusting Powder
-Multipurpose Ointment

To make things better is that Burt's Bees Baby has a clothing line.
Yes, and everything is adorable.
Hands down their neutral selection is the best!
When I found the perfect outfit I actually bought Rowan and Levia a matching set.
I'm not so much into them matching but I couldn't pass it up.
Here's Levia wearing her outfit.

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