Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rowan's First Food

Oh my, I find it so hard to believe how fast Rowan is growing.
She's a few days shy of turning 5 months.
Lately I have been able to see that she has been showing a little bit of interest in foods that I decided to give her some.
We have given her a small taste of beans and she enjoyed it so much.
Today we opted for avocado.
Boy, did she LOVE it!
Seriously, if she could she would eat up the spoon.
The way she ate just amazed me.
She would lean in toward the spoon when I was aiming it into her mouth.
Grabbing for my hand and spoon was also something she kept doing.
It's so crazy.
I had no idea she was going to show so much interest in foods right now.
I'm looking forward to introducing more foods to her.
I have a feeling we'll be skipping a lot of the cereal and oatmeal phase.
Eat Rowan eat!

One thing I noticed is how little mess Rowan made.
She was gobbling up every bite.

Every time I put the bowl down, Rowan would reach out as fast as she possibly could and pull the bowl to her face.

Yummy yummy!

Look at her grabbing that spoon!


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