Friday, January 30, 2015

Breast Milk Popsicles

 So I've been making breast milk popsicles for the last few weeks.
Both my girls love them so I try to make this a regular treat for them.
With Levia I change things up a bit.
She enjoys regular frozen breast milk.
But, I've mixed in some Ovaltine to hers and she loves them even more.
I don't know why  I hadn't thought of this.
Since I was using regular popsicle molds for my girls, they were too big for Rowan.
She couldn't hold nor could she enjoy it like she wanted to.
So I used my ice cube tray as a mold and her paci to make hers and boy did she love it.
She seriously gobbled that up in about 5 minutes, maybe less.
This is probably the best idea I have ever thought of.
Though I can't take full credit since I saw a post similar to this on Pinterest, only they used a paci and water to help with teething.

Here's to frozen treats.
Messy clothes.
And happy tummies. 

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