Monday, November 26, 2012

Blissful Adventures

There isn't enought words to sum up how much I love my daughter and how much I love the bond that we have. Yes, she may be 5 months old but she has already gaind her biggest fan. I will always be there to guide her and protect her, pick her up when she has fallen, and love her unconditonally. Every day I learn something new from her, the word LOVE as I know it now was never what I thought I once knew. I pray that she may grow in a world that is kind where people have compassion for every one and every thing. Until that day has come I will enjoy her being little. These days may not last long but as I always tell her, she will forever be my "Little Princess".
May everyday day be just as beautiful and filled with so much bliss.

Baby Food

Last night we went to Target and I had to take a look at all the baby food. I stumbled upon Ella's Kitchen, I usually give our LittleLove Gerber. With Gerber they only have fruits and veggies, none of them are of mixed flavors (a little disapointing). With Ella's Kitchen ( 100% Organic), they had captured my attention with all the combinations of foods. To name just two of them, they had Spinach, Apples, and Rutabagas in one, and on another they had Bananas, Apricots, and Baby Rice mixed together. Now this is what I was looking for. I am one happy Momma. :) Only my Levia has yet to try them. But I will update this post and make note of how she enjoyed them, and if it is something we will get her agian.
I have to say Levia LOVES all of them! The Spinach, Apples, and Rutabagas along with the Brocolli, Pears, and Peas were by far the best ones for her (Green packages). They both had a stinky smell to them that she didn't mind eating them, the fruits added that extra sweetness that it had her leaning torward the spoon for more. As far as the other ones they all had a sweet smell to them that I know she enjoyed them, I know having her eat the veggies alone would prove to be a work for me so knowing she is getting both at the same time makes me one happy Momma. I know I will be going back for more.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Super Seat

Now that my daughter is 5 months old, we had originally wanted to buy her the Bumbo. We just couldn't make up our mind about the fact that she may still be too little. While visiting San Antonio one of our friends had the Bumbo, we had to test it out. She fit so perfectly that we fell in love with it, it was as if the seat had been made specially for her. The only problem is we went to Wal-Mart and saw that they carried a Summer SuperSeat. We knew how well the Bumbo worked but wondered about this SummerSeat. This seat has a 360 degrees rotating table that has 4 different type of toys that attached to it. All the Bumbo did was allow a child to sit and if you wanted a bit of table space then you had to buy the attachment seperatly. :/ Finally we decided, why not just try the SuperSeat. We got home and assembled it, sat our LittleLove in her new seat (buckled her in) and just watched her. We noticed she loved it, this seat allowed her to use her motor skills. She would reach, pull, touch, and grab at the toys (something we know the Bumbo had lacked). It also has added space so we put her paci, teether, and extra toys things that we know will keep her entertained. She smiled and laughed at how much fun she was having, it was then that we knew we made the right choice. Our Levia is one happy baby girl. :) 


So the other night I finally had the time to decorate a wreath I bought while at Target a few weeks ago (my DIY project). I had no idea what I wanted to put on it, so I searched how to videos on youtube. Finally I decided I wanted some flowers. I have scrap book paper so why not make use of it. I must say for it being my first time making paper flowers, they really came out beautiful.

I love how chic and simple it is. I kind of went for the shabby chic theme on it. Of course I put the letter "L" for my last name. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Out And About

Since I am a stay at home Mother I look forward to weekends. These are the days where I love to got to the park, go out for a walk through some trails, take a walk at the beach, or simply go out anywhere in general. Just the other day we went to Pensacola, we were blessed with a beautiful Saturday that we had to take advantage of it and see their Historic Neighborhood. It was just beautiful!

I couldn't help it but to take pictures of our Saturday adventure. We walked by a church that was just gorgeous, it made stare with so much awe. Everything about it was so elegant yet so simple.
Days like these are the ones I enjoy the most. It's also when I realized how much I have been blessed. I have a wonderful husband who loves me at my worst and a daughter who has taught me the real meaning of LOVE. I love you both so much!

Bath Time In The Puj Tub

While out on a stroll through Target we managed to find a tub that we found unique. We live in a one bedroom apartment that the big and bulky tub was not what we were looking for (but we got one any ways). The tub we found was simple, durable, and lays or hangs flat for easy storage. It is called the Puj Tub.

This tub has made bath time so easy for us. You can use this tub in a basic sink (above picture: restroom sink) or in a kitchen sink. We love this tub for our daughter since it adds support and comfort while making bath time simple and fast.
Only 5 Months Old and she still uses the Puj Tub!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Things

One thing for sure is I never limit fashion to only myself. I have always been a shoe fanatic, so when it comes to baby shoes, I can some times go a little over board. She may not fit into shoes yet, but that hasn't stop me from starting up a collection.

Here are some Little Red boots from Old Navy. These are perfect for winter! The details on them are just adorable, having a soft bottom allows baby's little feet to stay comfortable all day long giving them room for wiggle.
These brown ones are from Target (brand Ministar). I love the worn leather look they have. These shoes looks so comfy! They are so soft, I cannot wait till she wears them. I have a feeling these may be her pre-walker shoes since she loves to stand already. I would recommend these to any one who has been eyeing this type of style of shoes for their little one.
I am a fan of Oxfords that I thought finding a pair for my daughter would be hard. I have not found a pair of shoes quite similar like these silver/glitter ones. (They are from Old Navy) I'm looking forward to her wearing them soon!  

These yellow beaded Moccasins by Taos were a gift from my sister. She bought them in a thrift store brand new. I did a little research and they are made from high quality material. These are made to last! I love the bead work on them, the colour yellow make these shoes a statement piece. Levia is going to look amazing!
These little gold beauties from Old Navy are simply stunning when worn. Simple and chic is what makes them so stylish!

Five Months Old

Our LittleLove has grown so much since birth, two days ago she finally turned 5 months. It's hard to believe how fast time has gone bye. I feel like it was just yesturday we were at the hospital. One thing we enjoy most is how she smiles at us every morning, it's like she is letting us know that she is ready to start the day. I look at her with so much amazement. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to become a mother. All I can  think about is our future and how I will do my best to make sure I never fail her.
Happy 5 Months Levia!!!
I love you more than you will ever know...

Feeding Time

It was recently that we started feeding Levia her first foods. We started her off with Sweet Potato. I can say that even though she had eaten cereal before, I don't think she enjoyed food until now. The taste of sweetness hitting her palate was shocking to her, right away we knew she loved it.

Of course as any parent would do we had to take pictures of her eating. We used a spoon by Boon called Squirt (my favourite spoon by far), you open it up and pour her food, once closed you are able to squeeze out her food for easy feedings. Her bib is a reausable TommeeTippee brand that allows us to wash and air dry them. Having these two products have really made our feeding routines so much enjoyable.

Mini Photo Sessions

There has alway been one thing I enjoy doing so much with my daughter, and it includes us having a mini photo session every few weeks. I love to capture every moment, it is my obsession.

Here shy lays in a beanie my husband got her. As you can tell he is a big football fan, "Go Cowboys!!!" I love how I was able to capture this photo for him.
Another of my sessions included Levia wearing a headband I handmade for her. Keeping the accessories simple allowed me to capture her natural beauty.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Big Day (My C-Section)

I remember hearing the Dr. say the words I was not looking forward to, I had placenta previa. I was looking forward to having a natural birth, but that was no longer the case. I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time, Thursday was my appointment and by Monday I was was getting prepped for my scheduled C-Section. I was scared, anxious, and excited. All I could do was pray for a healthy baby and safe delivery.

In the end when all was said and done, I had a fast delivery. My BabyGirl was born healthy, I can still remember laying on the table, the Dr. told me they had taken her out. I layed there in silence praying to God "Please let her be healthy," but I didn't hear anything I was worried wondering if something was wrong. It was probably 5 second but it felt like forever, then out of no where I heard the most beautiful sound ever, she let out the loudest cry. All I could do was cry, cry at the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard. It was that moment that I knew my life would no longer be the same. My LittleLove had impacted my life in a tremendous way. To this day I can never say thank you enough to God, I feel like I am forever in debt for a gift so big that can never be re-payable.


Say hello to the newest member of my family.
Levia Caroline Luna
6lbs 7oz. 19.5 in.

After her birth, I didn't get to hold her. Having a C-Section did not allow me to enjoy the first bond every mother gets to enjoy after delivery. About 30 minutes passed by before I was finally transferred to my room. It was at that time that I finally got to hold her, kiss her, touch her, and simply enjoy her. Little did we know but our bonding time would be cut short again, she had a case of Jaundice and needed light therapy that lasted all night long. It was by far her worst night, she just cried and cried, it literally tore my heart apart. The nurses allowed me to hold her in which she immediately fell asleep in my arms allowing me to capture a few photos of her in her light session.

Little One

Time has gone by, my LittleLove is now 5 months old, but I cannot help but just remember how much I loved being pregnant. The cute outfits I got to wear while still keeping in mind that my main focus was to show off my belly. Why hide such beauty when I have such a beautiful Miracle growing inside me? I wouldn't dare! :)

Here I am on my last week of pregnancy, 37 weeks and my LittleLove's arrival was right around the corner. :)