Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby Food

Last night we went to Target and I had to take a look at all the baby food. I stumbled upon Ella's Kitchen, I usually give our LittleLove Gerber. With Gerber they only have fruits and veggies, none of them are of mixed flavors (a little disapointing). With Ella's Kitchen ( 100% Organic), they had captured my attention with all the combinations of foods. To name just two of them, they had Spinach, Apples, and Rutabagas in one, and on another they had Bananas, Apricots, and Baby Rice mixed together. Now this is what I was looking for. I am one happy Momma. :) Only my Levia has yet to try them. But I will update this post and make note of how she enjoyed them, and if it is something we will get her agian.
I have to say Levia LOVES all of them! The Spinach, Apples, and Rutabagas along with the Brocolli, Pears, and Peas were by far the best ones for her (Green packages). They both had a stinky smell to them that she didn't mind eating them, the fruits added that extra sweetness that it had her leaning torward the spoon for more. As far as the other ones they all had a sweet smell to them that I know she enjoyed them, I know having her eat the veggies alone would prove to be a work for me so knowing she is getting both at the same time makes me one happy Momma. I know I will be going back for more.

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