Saturday, November 24, 2012

Super Seat

Now that my daughter is 5 months old, we had originally wanted to buy her the Bumbo. We just couldn't make up our mind about the fact that she may still be too little. While visiting San Antonio one of our friends had the Bumbo, we had to test it out. She fit so perfectly that we fell in love with it, it was as if the seat had been made specially for her. The only problem is we went to Wal-Mart and saw that they carried a Summer SuperSeat. We knew how well the Bumbo worked but wondered about this SummerSeat. This seat has a 360 degrees rotating table that has 4 different type of toys that attached to it. All the Bumbo did was allow a child to sit and if you wanted a bit of table space then you had to buy the attachment seperatly. :/ Finally we decided, why not just try the SuperSeat. We got home and assembled it, sat our LittleLove in her new seat (buckled her in) and just watched her. We noticed she loved it, this seat allowed her to use her motor skills. She would reach, pull, touch, and grab at the toys (something we know the Bumbo had lacked). It also has added space so we put her paci, teether, and extra toys things that we know will keep her entertained. She smiled and laughed at how much fun she was having, it was then that we knew we made the right choice. Our Levia is one happy baby girl. :) 

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