Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello 17 Weeks

I'm not gonna lie. This pregnancy has flown by faster than the last. I can't believe week 17 of 40 is already here. My next appointment is Monday and soon after we'll be finding out the sex of our child. I'm so anxious to know. We really think and believe our growing bug is a girl, but last night I had a dream that it was a boy. Not sure what we'll be having but I'm happy with either. I just want one nice, happy, cooing/crying baby. I know that no matter what the sex is, I'll love him/her so much no matter what.
I hope to keep up with weekly bump photos. So lets see how that goes for us. As long as Levia allows me to do so, then there should be no problem. I'm so ready to see how much I'll grow in the weeks to come.
For now. I welcome 17 weeks.

Here is a 16 week bum photo. I'll be honest, this belly was more of a "food baby" than a real baby bump. Being in San Antonio and eating so much made me look so much bigger. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

20 Months Old

Oh how time just keeps going. I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to get her 20 month photos in. Luckily, I'm feeling better and Levia was in a great mood. I managed to snap some picture of her in her beautiful dress. I've been wanting one for so long, online though they really are overpriced. Luckily Levia's aunt gifted her the dress along with a matching doll. Don't even get me started on the doll. It's just darling!
Anyways so I got out of the subject. Levia has been such an amazing little girl. She's been using her signs a whole lot more, if I'm correct she's at about 8 words and still learning. Her newest sign is "beautiful". This month I plan on introducing the potty to her again. Being away for 2 weeks I am sure she has forgotten how to go in it. Levia has also been talking more. I'll be honest, I can not always understand what she says but it's too darn cute. She'll wake up and start talking away, I'll pretend to sleep just to listen to her. One crazy thing that happened was that Levia watched her first cartoon movie. Levia watches ZERO television, we've tried Disney movies and she'd never watch any of them. This time she actually laughed and enjoyed it. We're now back to no television since she went back to not caring for it. I love it that way. She loves her books, babies, and toys way too much. Other than all that she's been doing, Levia has gotten more beautiful. Seriously!
I find myself so lucky at how wonderful she is. Not only is she a beauty, she's so well behaved.
I truly am the luckiest!


Monday, February 24, 2014

SA Part 1

Words can't even describe how upsetting it is that I took our camera and managed to only take a few photos. Luckily camera phones have come a  long way. We finally took 2 weeks and went to Texas, we had so much planned and honestly I think we left most of it out. Next time I'd love to really take the time and spend it going out with my loves.
These photos don't really show anything about San Antonio, but I love them cause I was able to capture Levia playing. It's amazing how well she does away from home. Even though I have to admit when we got home last night she was overwhelmed with all her toys. She had to play with almost all of them. She even missed her high chair, how crazy is that?! Silly girl.
I'm glad to be back in the comfort of our home.
Even though we all managed to bring back some kind of stomach virus. (Our not so favorite part of the trip.) It started with my husband, then Levia, and finally me. I was thinking how lucky I was to not get sick, I spoke to soon. All last night I spent it vomiting. Oh gosh, it was so bad. I feel like it's finally passing! I'm so ready to be myself.
I can't wait to upload "SA Part 2" since it will have more of what we managed to do in San Antonio.
For now these lovely photos of Levia will do.
Levia makes me laugh at times. She's seen me us my eyelash curler and seeing her try it out is just to funny.

I don't think a day ever passed where Levia did not look out that door. She loved it so much!

Hopefully within the next few days I can post part 2.
I even missed out on taking Levia's "20 Months" monthly photo.
I have got to catch up!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Litte Miracle

Words can not describe how happy we are right now.
We'll be welcoming baby Luna in August!
I usually doubt the fact that I'm pregnant at first. I'm the type that "has to see it to believe it."
Well yesterday we got the confirmation. It was seriously the longest 12.5 weeks! Our little bug is measuring bigger that expected, so this Thursday we'll have another U/S to determine if I'm 13+ weeks along. Seeing his little head, arms, legs, fingers, and toes was so overwhelming. Never did I think I could be overcome with joy again. I seriously watched the screen with tears in my eyes. Seeing a baby for the first time is a miracle.
Of course we have no idea what sex we'll be blessed with. Honestly I'll be happy with either. My husband wants a boy to carry the Luna last name. While I just want whatever gender we get. I already know what her name is if she's a girl. Hermione! If it's a boy he'll most likely have William somewhere in there. In the end, as long as our baby is healthy then that is all that really matters to us.
I'm ready to see what our future holds. Levia will be an amazing sister.
I have no worries there. She's sweet, charming, beautiful, tender, and filled with love.
Hello little love!


We haven't met you yet, but we love you tremendously!