Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Litte Miracle

Words can not describe how happy we are right now.
We'll be welcoming baby Luna in August!
I usually doubt the fact that I'm pregnant at first. I'm the type that "has to see it to believe it."
Well yesterday we got the confirmation. It was seriously the longest 12.5 weeks! Our little bug is measuring bigger that expected, so this Thursday we'll have another U/S to determine if I'm 13+ weeks along. Seeing his little head, arms, legs, fingers, and toes was so overwhelming. Never did I think I could be overcome with joy again. I seriously watched the screen with tears in my eyes. Seeing a baby for the first time is a miracle.
Of course we have no idea what sex we'll be blessed with. Honestly I'll be happy with either. My husband wants a boy to carry the Luna last name. While I just want whatever gender we get. I already know what her name is if she's a girl. Hermione! If it's a boy he'll most likely have William somewhere in there. In the end, as long as our baby is healthy then that is all that really matters to us.
I'm ready to see what our future holds. Levia will be an amazing sister.
I have no worries there. She's sweet, charming, beautiful, tender, and filled with love.
Hello little love!


We haven't met you yet, but we love you tremendously!

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