Thursday, January 30, 2014


I usually make an effort to decorate our home with sweet handmade Valentine's Day decorations, but this year it looks like we'll be spending it in Texas.
We're so anxious!
I'm going to miss all the pink d├ęcor, the glitter, banners, and most of all our usual dinner at home. We've always managed to make a sweet thoughtful dinner in candle lit lighting.
I'm not sure what we'll plan this time, but to be honest it's just another day.
We try to make everyday memorable.
I can say we're a very loving family.
I think we get more into these little things so we can do something with Levia also.
We'll make banners together, paint, and spend a good time together during dinner and sharing desserts.
This year for her photos, I used last years banners. (She was only 7 months old.)
I loved being able to use her heart banner. Her little feet have grown so much!
(Dress: Zara BabyGirl)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
It may be a little early for some but love is an everyday thing here.

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