Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pensacola Fair

A gloomy day filled with drizzles didn't stop us from having fun today. We drove out of town and headed towards the Pensacola Fair. I'm glad the weather didn't stop us, we had such a delightful day. Filled with laughter and heart melting moments. It was such an amazement for Levia. The lights, the people, the food, the music, the sounds of roller coasters rattling, and the joy of feeding the animals. (Giraffe, yak, sheep, goats, camel, just to name a few. There was a zebra too, he was by far the most beautiful animal there! His coat and color was just gorgeous.) In all, we had a wonderful day. I'm glad we have been making such amazing memories together. I know one day Levia will want to look back at pictures and see what her childhood was like and being able to capture that is what I love. 
Here are a few photos of how our day went.
(I'll add more later on but for now these photos will do.)

Pensacola Fair
Levia wasn't feeling the fair at first but I'm glad she was able to warm up to the new experience.
No matter how many strangers we saw, Levia had to wave hello to every single one of them.

A helicopter kept going by and Levia always stopped to wave hello.
It was so cute. She's such a fan of them.

Mmmmmm! We had some red velvet funnel cake.
Levia enjoyed every bite.

Last ride on the carousel.
I love this photo so much.
Levia and Daddy patiently waiting to get on.

There goes the helicopter again.
Only this time, Levia really wanted to chase it down.
She was frantically walking toward the helicopter in hopes that maybe it will wave back.

Until next time Pensacola Fair.
2013 was wonderful.
Praying 2014 is just as great!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Levia Decorates her First Pumpkin

Levia finally decorated her little pumpkin! I went with bright neon acrylic paints. We definitely need something girlie, bright, and cheery to remind us that just because fall is near we don't need dark d├ęcor. 
I'm glad we were able to capture her crafting skills. I hope she enjoys art as much as I do because all I see in the future are many days of painting and drawing.
I love that she had a wonderful time.

Just look at those little hands!

This is the end result. I ended up painting the stem of the pumpkin gold and added glitter to make it super girlie. I'm so ready to put this on my coffee table and share what it looks like inside, but for now it sits outside drying.


New Frames

So I came across a vintage shop on Etsy and I fell in love with all their children collection. It's called Salvage House. Anyone looking for awesome children's vintage clothes and accessories need to check out this shop out. I know Levia will have more pieces added to her collection, for now these 1980s Tortoise Frames for Kids will do. The little girl in the photo sold me. She wore them very well. My husband and I agreed that maybe Levia didn't need them, but that picture just wasn't going away from my head. I gave it further thought and said, "I'm buying them!". I knew Levia would look lovely and I couldn't be any more right. She looks just darling!
Katrina (the shop owner) is just lovely. She wrote a thank you note by hand leaving a code I can use for 15% off my next purchase. How cool is that!

How cool are these! They are in great condition.

I love my nerdy, chic Caroline!
You look darling Levia.


16 Months Old

Levia has impressed us so much this past month. She is a sponge. Soaking in everything, processing it, and mimicking us at times. She knows very well where her head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, bellybutton, elbow, diaper, and feet are at. She looks for her bow if you ask her to. When asked "how old are you?", she firmly holds up one little finger. Last night she managed to pull of her diaper, sit on her potty and go pee. She made the silliest face while going, we actually thought she was just playing. After she got up and walked away, I took a peek and she seriously had gone potty. We were so happy. We didn't ask or tell her to go, she just went all on her own. Today she started signing "Thank you". I love that she already signs eat, more, milk, and finish. She has so much to learn, but all in due time. For now we're enjoying her sing and dance. Yes, she also says words. Some and many of them are baby talk but she knows the basics like momma, dada, thank you, please, night night, and I seriously cannot remember the rest. I wish time could slow down a bit for us all. Enjoying Levia has been such a blessing.
Happy 16 Months!
I couldn't pick out just one, so here are a few of my favorites.

This is what a farther picture looks like. I give Levia toys to keep her entertained and in return she sits still happily playing.

Looking out the window on this gloomy morning.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Lovin

Fall is here! Living in Florida that really means nothing.
The only fall colors we'll be getting around here for a while is the orange from the pumpkin patch.
Today we finally decided to take Levia to the pumpkin patch and have her fall photos taken. Seeing so much orange around is really beautiful. I think Levia had so much fun, she even went home with a small little pumpkin that we'll be decorating very soon. Since the weather was amazing today, we also went to the beach and watched the sunset. Levia has been such a mermaid lately. It's all about getting wet and playing in the sand for her. I'm looking forward to cooler weather. Cuddles, cuddles, and lots of cuddles are what I really hope to get this winter.
Let's hope Levia isn't too grown up for that since she is growing so fast.