Friday, October 18, 2013

New Frames

So I came across a vintage shop on Etsy and I fell in love with all their children collection. It's called Salvage House. Anyone looking for awesome children's vintage clothes and accessories need to check out this shop out. I know Levia will have more pieces added to her collection, for now these 1980s Tortoise Frames for Kids will do. The little girl in the photo sold me. She wore them very well. My husband and I agreed that maybe Levia didn't need them, but that picture just wasn't going away from my head. I gave it further thought and said, "I'm buying them!". I knew Levia would look lovely and I couldn't be any more right. She looks just darling!
Katrina (the shop owner) is just lovely. She wrote a thank you note by hand leaving a code I can use for 15% off my next purchase. How cool is that!

How cool are these! They are in great condition.

I love my nerdy, chic Caroline!
You look darling Levia.


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