Monday, August 19, 2013

14 Months Old

Another month has passed us by, I seriously look forward when the 18th comes around. Levia and I have so much fun. I dress her up, set up some toys on the ground and just snap her monthly photos. The main thing that happened this past month was that Levia is now a pro at walking. She just took off one day and ever since has been little Miss Independent. It scares us so much! She also climbs on everything! If there is something she wants she will find a way to get it. There is no giving up for her.

Happy 14 Months my Ballerina Princess!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sleepy Little One

This week has been filled with a runny little nose, a stuffy and congested little Levia whose had a fever on and off through out the day. I hate seeing her sick and I know for a fact that she is not a fan of the "Cold". To top it off her schedule has been messed up since I have been babysitting as well. Luckily I only have one more day. I noticed Levia has been so tired. She has been falling asleep on me lately, something that never really happens. I had her in my arms two days ago since the thunder and lightning had her scared. She was holding me so tight, it's days like these that I cherish a little more. (She's a big Daddy's Girl.) It wasn't even long before I noticed that she was snoozing away on me. Her little head on my shoulder had me filled with so much bliss. She looked beautiful. Later that day during dinner time I noticed she was still tired. I waited for her to finish up her dinner, not long after I looked up to see how she was doing and she was just there sleeping. Her head rested on her highchair with her little hands in front of her. Seriously, she looked so cute. Beautiful as always. It's rare for her to fall asleep while she's in the middle of something. We always pick up on her cues and put her straight to bed.

Monday, August 5, 2013

I Melt

I seriously think I just took two of the most cutest photos of Levia this month. I can't wait to post them so I decided to do that now rather than later. Everything she does makes me melt. She's beautiful, smart, and very funny. Also today is also the day that she started to point at her mouth when I ask "where is your mouth?", I am one happy Momma!
Just look at her face. I fell in deeper love when I saw that little pasta clinging to the top of her nose. She has no idea at what I find funny, but knowing that I am happy really makes her even happier.
Levia points to her nose. I'm not sure if it's a bad idea that I taught her to pick her nose whenever I ask "where's your nose?", but I find it cute. It was a fun way to show her where some of her body parts are and make it fun. She really picked up pointing (picking) to her nose quite fast.

Little Monster

One thing I enjoy so much is watching Levia eat. Whether it's with her hands or her trying to use her spoon I find it all cute and funny.

Bird Hanger

I have been wanting a cute hanger for Levia for a while. Last night I decided to try and make a bird hanger for her costume collection that we'll be starting up soon. I was really aiming with trying to make it a dove hanger but the X-acto knife I used was very dull. (Thanks to my husband.) The lines did not come out as clean and soft like I had wanted them too. Either way it came out fine. (Just not as girlie as I would have liked it to be.)
For this I traced out a children's hanger, drew the bird, and cut it out with an X-acto knife.
This is the start of Levia's costume collection. I bought this Ruffled Capelet from JoyFolie. I am in love with it! The original price is pretty high, but luckily it went on sale. To top it off JoyFolie was also having a short promotion, "take an additional 40% off all sale items". I took advantage of it and also ordered her a cape style top from there. Now I need to keep an eye out on a cute tutu, ballerina attire, and accessories to complete her collection.

Cat Doll

I finally got around to making another doll for Levia. This will be her third cat doll, the other two I made are very simple. What makes this one different is that I actually sewed on some clothes. Yay! It really looks more like a doll and not a stuffed animal.