Friday, May 30, 2014

30 Weeks

Well, hello there 30 weeks.
I never thought you'd be showing up so soon.
I find it so hard to believe how fast this pregnancy is going.
Today, I was able to see and hear baby's heartbeat.
I of course asked if my baby is indeed a girl, and he couldn't confirm.
Oh well, either way we're pretty sure it's a girl.
I also did the pregnancy glucose test.
Oh how sweet that drink is!
It seriously tastes like flat orange soda with all the sugar in the world poured in to it.
I can't wait for my next appointment to see what my options are as far as delivery.
I'd love to not have a C-section again, but we'll have to see what they recommend best.
As far as everything goes as planned and baby is here fine and healthy, then I will be happy.
This past week has been filled with annoying heartburn.
It's seriously so bad, I actually have stomach acid coming up at times.
It's no fun!
I've been addicted to infused water.
I love adding cucumbers, berries, kiwi, lemons, and chia seeds to my drink.
It's so yummy!
I've also started doing some leg workout this past week.
A lot of stretching and a lot of squatting.
Not sure if it helps with anything since my pubic bone feels like it still wants to break.
I'm just glad I've decided to stay fit this pregnancy.
I'm 100% at eating and being healthy, since I do eat desserts and french fries.
I just don't over do it.
Here's to 30 weeks!

Hello there little bug.
Gotta' share a couple of photos of Levia too!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lovely Beach

So lucky to have my husband spend more time with us, he's got a four day weekend and we're enjoying every moment of it.
We've managed to spend so much time together these past two days.
Today we actually made it a beach day.
We had our feet in the water and we managed to get sand everywhere!
Yesterday we had a walk on the boardwalk. It was lovely watching a bit of the sunset.
It was beautiful.
We also managed to go thrift shopping, though we didn't find anything, we had a good time.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring or Monday.
I just hope they are filled with joy, love, laughter, hugs, kisses, and many blessings.
Being able to take Levia out is wonderful.
We love seeing her heart burst with so much bliss.
There is nothing more rewarding than being able to see a big smile on her face.
It's so tender.
So genuine.
Knowing that she's really having the best time of her life is such an honor.
She's everything to us.
Knowing she's happy really makes us happy.

Photos from Friday:

Photos from Saturday at the beach:


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Little Bunny

Levia's second birthday gift has finally arrived.
And I am IN LOVE!
Everything about how dainty and little this bracelet is, is simply adorable.
I love that I went with gold.
And it's not just the typical gold, it has that antique gold look to it.
I highly recommend this Etsy shop to people who want to get a sweet gift to a little girl.
May it be for birthdays, elementary graduation, or just because you love someone.
They are perfect for daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and little friends.
The shop's name is Sweet Auburn Studio Kid.
She has some of the sweetest jewelry you will ever come across for little girls.
I love that some of them can be personalized!
That makes gifting more personal.
I don't think you'll regret your purchase.
I sure don't.
I'm ready to see Levia wear her little bracelet!
I know she'll love it so much.
The shop owner even went to the extent of making the bracelet smaller for Levia.
I'm pleased with her product and the fact that she was so friendly and willing to accommodate my request without a problem.
I'm looking forward to see what else she'll make.
I have a feeling I'll be making future purchases.

Paper Roll Flowers

Today Levia and I decided to make something with our stash of paper rolls.
I've seen people cut them up and turn them into flowers that you can hang up on the wall.
I didn't really intend to make it for any specific purpose, but it was fun making.
We were able to spend another day painting, another day we could get messy.
This project was so easy.
All you need is scissors, a hot glue gun, and paper rolls. (Painting is optional.)

I love that we chose not to paint it perfectly.
You can see very well that we used paper rolls through the gaps of black paint.