Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday Beach Day

Finally, a nice beach day.
We managed to get out of the house this weekend and have a lovely beach day.
We didn't plan to swim or be there too long.
I was thinking Levia wouldn't want to be there so I didn't pack her bathing suit.
She has her days where going to the beach is just a plain "NO".
She had been grumpy for the most part. Once we got there her attitude changed.
I was so surprised to see her pick up her bucket and shovel with a smile on her face.
She started scooping up sand right away that was located in parking lot.
We managed to find the perfect spot on the beach.
Levia was quick to fill up her bucket with sand that she didn't mind getting her clothes wet.
Luckily we had a swim diaper for her. It came in handy since Levia was stomping and splashing away. Seeing her enjoy herself is so pleasing. She does very well playing by herself that I find it to be amazing. I'm just glad that she'll have someone to share these moments with. Someone she'll play with, bond with, and cherish a friendship with.
I'm hoping this coming weekend is just as beautiful.
So so ready to go to the beach and have Levia enjoy herself again.

And here's the bump!


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