Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mother's Day and Monday

Well Mother's Day was yesterday, all I can say is I had such a lovely day.
I don't ever look forward to what gifts I will get, but knowing you are appreciated is very nice.
My husband took me to one place he really hates going, antique shopping!
Though we didn't find anything, I love going to look at what they have.
You never know what you'll come across.
Later in the evening, he cooked some dinner.
Oh gosh, it was steaks. And they were amazing!
I seriously enjoyed every bite.
We ended off the night with a carrot cake he baked.
Also delicious!
I'm such a lucky Mom.
I've got everything in this world I could ever need.
A daughter who truly is amazing in every way possible.
Before she was born I always wondered what she would be like.
Who would she look like.
And would she be hard to handle.
She is everything I dreamed of and so much more.
She looks exactly like her father.
She is sweet, gentle, and very loving.
We never had a hard time with her.
She's the reason why I try to be a better Mother.
Everyday I try to be better than the day before.
I never forget how blessed I am.
People take things for granted, especially the little things.
I try my best not to.
Being a Mom is something I'll be forever grateful for.
I'm ready to meet my LittleBug too.
I know I'll be tested in many ways.
Who knows, she may be the total opposite of Levia
 but I will always try my hardest to be the best Mother that I should be.
To all the Mamas out there, I hope you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Monday Monday


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