Friday, May 16, 2014

23 Months Old

Levia is officially 23 months on the 18th, but since it lands on the weekend I know having time to set up and take her pictures are very slim. So I decided to do it today.
She's so over these monthly photos. I think today we had the hardest time.
All she wanted was hugs, but she did end up loosening up at the end.
She played with her blocks, safari animals, and finger puppets.
Today I also realized she's gotten really good at stacking her blocks.
She went up to 12 blocks!
This past month Levia has picked up on signing "cereal" and she's been making the effort to sign "help". I've been making the effort of trying to teach her "friends" as well. She'll also try, but since it involves her fingers it'll probably be a few weeks before she picks it up.
Levia  also has her favorite cartoon now.
Peppa the Pig, oh how she loves it!
One thing we love to do is say "squeak squeak" and that'll make Levia laugh.
She'll even sing along to the theme song.
"Peppa Pig" in her most gentlest voice just makes our hearts melt.
We love that she's not into traditional children cartoons.
I think we'd be overwhelmed.
We of course still limit how much television she watches.
Another thing Levia has picked up on is when we read to her, she repeats the last word of every sentence. She'll even do it when you talk to her.
Levia has been so good this past month too.
I swear she's never given us a problem.
I thought tantrums would be starting already, but so far she's only had little fits.
Of course it has to do with communication, understanding Levia can be hard at times.
She says words that we can not understand at times.
Levia has been doing great with the alphabet and her numbers.
She'll say them when we're out.
Always impressing us randomly when she says "8, 9, 10" or "4, 5, 6".
Wherever there is writing Levia is quick to go over and tell you every single letter that she sees.
It's so darn cute.
I love that her little brain knows so much.
She seriously never fails to show us love.
Hugs and kisses are something she does best.
It's even better when she does it out of the blue.
Especially when she comes over to kiss my tummy.
I'm ready to celebrate her 2nd birthday. We're gonna do our best to make sure she has the best time ever. She deserves the best!



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