Friday, May 2, 2014

26 Weeks

Oh boy!
26 weeks already!
It's crazy to think that I'm getting so close to the 30 week mark.
Once 30 is here the countdown begins.
Right now we're about 98 days away, give or take.
Thinking of that, 98 days seem like nothing.
I'm sure Baby Luna's due date will be here in no time.
This past week has been filled with me eating a lot of cereal.
I can honestly say I can live off of that.
Believe me though, I wouldn't try it.
I have been craving some melon juice.
Oh gosh! It's so yummy.
I'm actually planning on making a jug later today.
Baby is always kicking like crazy.
I catch her once in a while making her over the top movements.
It's amazing, and I know it'll only get better.
I still haven't felt baby hiccups just yet.
Hopefully soon though.
Those baby hiccups are what I loved most when I was pregnant with Levia.
Levia is ready to be a big sister.
She loves babies and children.
I know without a doubt they are going to be the best of friends.
Here's to 26 weeks!

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