Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day at the Gulf Breeze Zoo

The weather has finally been favourable. We made the perfect trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo today. The last time we went Levia was a few months old and the weather was way too hot. Today on the other hand it was perfect, even though she is little and she may not know what exactly she is looking it she still had a good time. Knowing we can put a smile on her face and share a few giggles with her makes us the happiest parents in the world. This zoo is nothing compared to the San Antonio Zoo but it is still worth it. Knowing we can hand feed the giraffes is simply amazing! I have never done that before until I got there. I managed to snap a few photos just to show you what an amazing day it was for you. Hope you enjoy!
We started off by feeding a few of the goats located by the entrance. Levia was enjoying every moment.
Catching a glimpse at the otters.
Finally the best part, feeding a few of the giraffes. Seriously this is why you should go!
Feeding the birds was a new experience for Levia. She wanted to grab every single one, of course we didn't let her. (In fear that she could squeeze them.)
Taking a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Puj Hug

Not long ago Puj gave the opportunity for average everyday Moms to become product testers for their Puj Hug. Not sure if I would be chosen I filled out their application, anxiously waiting to hear from them and see if I would be one of the lucky ones I finally got an e-mail confirming that I will be a product tester. Puj has no idea how happy I was reading that e-mail. A few days ago the Puj Hug finally came in the mail. I opened the box, and read everything that was on it! I'm so excited to see how it will simplify bath time for my daughter and I, lets hope their "Simplifying Parenthood" lives up to my expectations. (I highly doubt they will let us down. We are proud users of their Puj Tub and Puj Snug.) Whenever I get a chance I tell everyone that Puj really is one the best baby brands out there. Everything they make is durable and soft. They really are about providing the best for our babies.
I love a few of the features this towel has. To name a few:
- It's A Hands-Free Hooded Towel
- It Has A Hang Tab (You can either hand it on a Puj Nub or simply a wall hook.)
- Easy On and Off Silicone Tabs (Perfect for gripping preventing the towel from falling/slipping off of you.)
- 0-2 Years of Age (Once they out grow it you can jump to the Puj Big Hug ages 2-8.)
- BPA Free and PVC Free
- Thick Ultra-Soft Cotton
- 100% Long Fiber Cotton
-Machine Washable
- 29.5 in x 29.5 in
I love how they put "Hold your baby, not the towel." on the box. It is true! I find myself giving my daughter a bath when my husband is at work. I can't even tell you how many times I have dropped the towel trying to get Levia out of the tub or the countless times that she has been shivering because the towel isn't wrapped around her properly because I have the fear that if I try to adjust the towel while holding her I may drop her.
The steps are literally easy as 1,2, and 3. You can't do it wrong when they include pictures of how to use their products. (Just another way of how they make instructions easier for us.)
Looking at this lovely photo I can't help but to realize this is how it should be. I shouldn't be struggling to try and keep the towel over my shoulder and leaning down at the same time to reach for my daughter. The way they allow the towel to hook on the back really lets you have control of the towel. I'm really hoping I don't struggle one bit when I try it because this Momma is ready to bond a little better with my daughter after bath time.
They didn't put "Ultra-Soft" for nothing. It really is soft! This weekend I will wash our Puj Hug and give it a try as soon as I get the chance, so I will keep you updated on this post.
So I finally got to use the Puj Hug. I am impressed at how it makes bath time a lot easier. Just having Levia's towel wrapped around my neck why taking her out really has me focused on her rather than me using one hand to hold the towel in place while using the other to get Levia out of the tub. I hope these pictures speak for themselves. (Give me a few more days and I will completely master how to use the Hug a whole lot better, but for it being the first time, I really found it easy to use.)
Even after bending down a few times to adjust Levia the towel never fell off. It was sill snugly resting on my neck, right where it belongs.
As you can tell Levia is a big fan. Look at how thick and fluffy the Hug is!
One thing that Levia found entertaining is the rubber tab. Look at her just chew on it, teething can be bad somedays. Who knows maybe Puj will come up with a teether since Levia found this helpful.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Time to Sleep My Little Love

Reading is a big part of our lives. We do our best to read to Levia more than one book a day. From Shel Silverstein to Dr. Seuss, I just love how age appropriate all of them are. While at the store a few weeks ago I came across It's Time to Sleep, My Love written by Eric Metaxas, I fell in love immediately. Every word inside is just beautiful. Knowing that Levia is being read a book with so much love makes us appreciate this time we have with her. Our bonding time just keeps getting stronger and stronger all because of "reading time". I highly recommend that parents read to their child, you won't regret it.
Look at how beautiful the pictures are! They are all very lovely. (Illustrated by Nancy Tillman)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Family Portraits

I finally got the photos that Denise Photography had taken of us at Destin. All I can say is I am so in LOVE with every single one of them. Not only did she do an amazing job, but she has one of the biggest hearts I know. Getting my husband to commit to a photography session was a little hard, I can't even get him to take a decent photo with me. The one's that I do have are what I consider from our "newly wed" phase. They are all from me extending my arm out as far as I can just to simply capture a photo of us. I had been longing to have a photo of us that was worthy of showing off, especially now that we had a daughter too. Many of our photos have either him or me with Levia. (Unless we can find a place to set up our camera and put it on the timer mode.) I'm beyond grateful now.
 Any one who is in the San Antonio area must look into Denise Photography, she is brilliant! She will not let you down.
Denise was also able to do a "couple session" for my and my husband that I will cherish forever.
Here are my favorites.

This last photo was from a previous photo session with Denise. I just love how she was able to capture Levia here. The years will pass up by and she'll grow up but because of this one picture I get to enjoy my 9 month old baby girl a lot longer. Thank you so much Denise!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet Bathing Suit

After placing an order from Target for Levia's swim suit last week it has finally arrived! I wanted something unique and simple for her. (By simple I mean a one piece.) I'm not very fond of the thought of having her in a bikini at the beach. I just wanted to go with something that is age appropriate for her, she's only a baby. Spending some time on the Internet and seeing what different stores offered, nothing caught my eye like this elephant swim suit. Not only is the pattern adorable, I liked how they added the ruffles to add some flair. I'm already looking forward to seeing Levia wear this on the beaches of Destin! Hurry up summer!

DIY Bandana Bib

I have been falling in love with the bandana bib a lot more lately. Levia has been wearing them a lot more that I find them to be adorable. She wears them well! Not only do I find them to be fashionable but they prevent her clothes from getting soaked from her drooling. (Teething is really bad for our little one these past few weeks.)
For this bandana bib I use the left over fabric I had when I made the cat stamped leggings and bandana. (From one of my previous posts.) I decided to go a lot more girlie that the previous one's that Levia has. It came out just the way I envisioned it!
The only new item I used for this project was the trimming with the mini pom poms that I got from Michael's for 2$. (Paint, circle stamp, and bandana are from Walmart.) Whenever you stamp make sure you putting something under, since the paint can seep through the fabric.
The end result. I'm so ready to see what Levia looks like wearing it!
Using one really large bandana cut into two, I was able to make both of these for Levia.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colourful Masks

A trip to the craft store always ends up with me leaving with little things that I do not need right now. Everything I usually get involves the thought of whether I can see Levia using it in the future. (By future I mean years from now, haha. ) Well on this trip to Michael's I found a few masks that I simply had to get for her. They were a steal! In the store they had a mini section with circus them party props. I'm not really fond of that theme, but once I saw the masks I changed my mind for that moment. (They were only 1.50$ each. )
They are all very simple, held in place by a stick, but what sold me was the pop of colour that they each have.

Monday, March 18, 2013

9 Months Old

Another month has passed us by. Levia has finally turned 9 Months, a step closer to turning the big "1". We are anxious and saddened at the same time, she is growing way too fast! This past month has been filled with so much laughter, everything she does is cute and quite funny. She has been trying to lift herself up to stand, though she has yet to master it I find her trying and trying. Not a single time has she lost her composure nor does she have the desire to give up. Along with her smiles she has started to do a snort that goes along with it. She'll scrunch up her face, smile, and snort all at the same time. We find it to be darling. One major thing happened yesterday, Levia's gum finally broke! You know what that mean, she will be getting her first tooth soon. Hooray! We have been anxiously waiting for that day to come, for some reason we felt like it would be farther down the road. Knowing her tooth will be sprouting at any day has us looking into her mouth more than usual. I'm sure it annoys her, but we can't help it. Everything about her is simply amazing. We love our Levia so much!
Happy 9 Months Beautiful!
A close up of her cat bandana. I'm still loving how I managed to stamp her name on it. It's just another thing going into her memory box.
Here is the banner up close. I used strips of left over fabric (from when I made her Owl), wrapping paper, and some lace to add some flair. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Is Close

Last week we had a friend who is a photographer take photos of my family at the beach. (Destin, Florida) Though it was a bit chilly the view was truly magnificent! It was such a gorgeous evening that I wish it could have lasted for hours. (I wish I took my Canon with me to snap better photos.) Once the weather has warmed up I plan on going back and taking a few more shots.