Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day at the Gulf Breeze Zoo

The weather has finally been favourable. We made the perfect trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo today. The last time we went Levia was a few months old and the weather was way too hot. Today on the other hand it was perfect, even though she is little and she may not know what exactly she is looking it she still had a good time. Knowing we can put a smile on her face and share a few giggles with her makes us the happiest parents in the world. This zoo is nothing compared to the San Antonio Zoo but it is still worth it. Knowing we can hand feed the giraffes is simply amazing! I have never done that before until I got there. I managed to snap a few photos just to show you what an amazing day it was for you. Hope you enjoy!
We started off by feeding a few of the goats located by the entrance. Levia was enjoying every moment.
Catching a glimpse at the otters.
Finally the best part, feeding a few of the giraffes. Seriously this is why you should go!
Feeding the birds was a new experience for Levia. She wanted to grab every single one, of course we didn't let her. (In fear that she could squeeze them.)
Taking a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

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