Monday, March 18, 2013

9 Months Old

Another month has passed us by. Levia has finally turned 9 Months, a step closer to turning the big "1". We are anxious and saddened at the same time, she is growing way too fast! This past month has been filled with so much laughter, everything she does is cute and quite funny. She has been trying to lift herself up to stand, though she has yet to master it I find her trying and trying. Not a single time has she lost her composure nor does she have the desire to give up. Along with her smiles she has started to do a snort that goes along with it. She'll scrunch up her face, smile, and snort all at the same time. We find it to be darling. One major thing happened yesterday, Levia's gum finally broke! You know what that mean, she will be getting her first tooth soon. Hooray! We have been anxiously waiting for that day to come, for some reason we felt like it would be farther down the road. Knowing her tooth will be sprouting at any day has us looking into her mouth more than usual. I'm sure it annoys her, but we can't help it. Everything about her is simply amazing. We love our Levia so much!
Happy 9 Months Beautiful!
A close up of her cat bandana. I'm still loving how I managed to stamp her name on it. It's just another thing going into her memory box.
Here is the banner up close. I used strips of left over fabric (from when I made her Owl), wrapping paper, and some lace to add some flair. 

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