Friday, March 22, 2013

Family Portraits

I finally got the photos that Denise Photography had taken of us at Destin. All I can say is I am so in LOVE with every single one of them. Not only did she do an amazing job, but she has one of the biggest hearts I know. Getting my husband to commit to a photography session was a little hard, I can't even get him to take a decent photo with me. The one's that I do have are what I consider from our "newly wed" phase. They are all from me extending my arm out as far as I can just to simply capture a photo of us. I had been longing to have a photo of us that was worthy of showing off, especially now that we had a daughter too. Many of our photos have either him or me with Levia. (Unless we can find a place to set up our camera and put it on the timer mode.) I'm beyond grateful now.
 Any one who is in the San Antonio area must look into Denise Photography, she is brilliant! She will not let you down.
Denise was also able to do a "couple session" for my and my husband that I will cherish forever.
Here are my favorites.

This last photo was from a previous photo session with Denise. I just love how she was able to capture Levia here. The years will pass up by and she'll grow up but because of this one picture I get to enjoy my 9 month old baby girl a lot longer. Thank you so much Denise!

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