Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Lace Crown

Looking at some of the newborn photography out there online I came across some that have infants wearing a stiff lace crown. I have always thought they were beautiful! It has been on my "to do" list for so long. Not any more after today. I looked online at first how much they cost and they are from 10$ on up. To be honest I almost bought one, but I did research and found out how to make them. Let me just tell you it is easy! It is the perfect crown for my Levia's birthday party. I do plan to make a few to give to a friend who is a photographer and another who is expecting a little girl.
Only a few products are needed. Stiffening spray that you can buy at your local craft store (the one I bought was about 4$), lace (preferably lace that is flat on the bottom so that the crown can rest comfortably on the head), some foil to prevent spraying the floor or table, a hot glue gun to glue the ends of the crown together, and some acrylic gold paint. (You don't have to do gold. Make it pink, lavender, etc. Whatever you desire. You can also add some glitter to it or some beads and flowers to spruce it up a bit. Remember make it yours.)

These are the two of the main things that you need. (not pictured is the hot glue gun)

This is the lace I bought, it's more of a crochet style but luckily I was abe to buy a spool for 1$. If you look closely you can see that the bottom is flat, that is the style you need to look at when buying. As far as the top, there are so many styles and fabrics for you to choose from. Some are pointed and other are short and thin. You just have to find the one you like the most.
This is the end result. After spraying your lace and letting it dry, you hot glue the ends together and paint it. It's so easy. I used 10.5 inches of lace for this piece, the diameter 3 1/4 inches. Since this was my practice crown the second one I plan to make a little bit bigger since I plan to use it for Levia's first birthdy. (When I let the lace dry, I did use my hair dryer to speed up the process. I had it on the lowest setting to keep it from flapping or flying away.)
Painting it was a little messy. I do plan to look in to a sprayable non-toxic paint to make it a bit easier. Overall I am very pleased with my crown.

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