Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Bandana Bib

I have been falling in love with the bandana bib a lot more lately. Levia has been wearing them a lot more that I find them to be adorable. She wears them well! Not only do I find them to be fashionable but they prevent her clothes from getting soaked from her drooling. (Teething is really bad for our little one these past few weeks.)
For this bandana bib I use the left over fabric I had when I made the cat stamped leggings and bandana. (From one of my previous posts.) I decided to go a lot more girlie that the previous one's that Levia has. It came out just the way I envisioned it!
The only new item I used for this project was the trimming with the mini pom poms that I got from Michael's for 2$. (Paint, circle stamp, and bandana are from Walmart.) Whenever you stamp make sure you putting something under, since the paint can seep through the fabric.
The end result. I'm so ready to see what Levia looks like wearing it!
Using one really large bandana cut into two, I was able to make both of these for Levia.

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