Friday, May 30, 2014

30 Weeks

Well, hello there 30 weeks.
I never thought you'd be showing up so soon.
I find it so hard to believe how fast this pregnancy is going.
Today, I was able to see and hear baby's heartbeat.
I of course asked if my baby is indeed a girl, and he couldn't confirm.
Oh well, either way we're pretty sure it's a girl.
I also did the pregnancy glucose test.
Oh how sweet that drink is!
It seriously tastes like flat orange soda with all the sugar in the world poured in to it.
I can't wait for my next appointment to see what my options are as far as delivery.
I'd love to not have a C-section again, but we'll have to see what they recommend best.
As far as everything goes as planned and baby is here fine and healthy, then I will be happy.
This past week has been filled with annoying heartburn.
It's seriously so bad, I actually have stomach acid coming up at times.
It's no fun!
I've been addicted to infused water.
I love adding cucumbers, berries, kiwi, lemons, and chia seeds to my drink.
It's so yummy!
I've also started doing some leg workout this past week.
A lot of stretching and a lot of squatting.
Not sure if it helps with anything since my pubic bone feels like it still wants to break.
I'm just glad I've decided to stay fit this pregnancy.
I'm 100% at eating and being healthy, since I do eat desserts and french fries.
I just don't over do it.
Here's to 30 weeks!

Hello there little bug.
Gotta' share a couple of photos of Levia too!


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