Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Fun

Another fun weekend has passed us. 
I can seriously say that our weekends go by way too fast.
We've been heading out to the beach lately that time just keeps rolling by us.
This Saturday we managed to go to the beach once again in Destin. (Crystal Beach)
It was just lovely!
Levia had so much fun.
She was such a mermaid!
Being in the water was where she spent most of her time, usually she likes playing with the sand but she blew us away by just wanting to go in for a dip.
She is most definitely scared of water but she didn't mind it too much that day.

Sunday finally came, and oh boy was it really hot.
We decided to go into our condos public pool.
It was so refreshing!
I'm glad we've been keeping Levia busy.
Our time may be going by fast but seeing she's out having fun, we don't mind it one bit.
Her smile, her laughter, it's why we do our best to give her the best childhood.
She deserves that and so much more!


Saturday pool day!

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