Tuesday, June 10, 2014

31 Weeks

The countdown continues.
We are less than 9 weeks away from meeting our Baby Luna.
Still no name for her, but I hope we manage to fine one within the next few weeks.
We have no clue of course as to when baby will make her appearance.
It could be sooner than expected, who knows.
I wish we could say the name has been picked out, I'm one to share information like that quickly.
This past week has been filled with crazy heartburn.
Yes, I mention it all the time when it comes to my bump update but it really is bad.
I know for a fact that my pregnancy with Levia was no where near how it is this time.
Tums really helped me with Levia, this time they don't seem to help one bit.
Last night, for the first time I was able to sleep comfortably.
I was able to sleep flat on my left side with no problem!
It really felt good, I had been needing one very good restful night.
And I got it!
I wish it could be more often, but we'll see.
There have been no cravings this past week.
I'm still working out and drinking my infused waters.
Other than that,
here's to 31 weeks!


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