Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Levia's 2nd Birthday Photos

I was hoping to have Levia's photos taken right before her birthday. I love doing/taking them closest to the date possible. Since we'll be having family over getting her photos taken will be too much for me. As it it, I have to make room by moving most of the furniture. Luckily Levia didn't give me a hard time either. I can say balloons really keep her busy. 

I honestly feel like this week has been keeping me very busy.
I've had appointments to go to and errands to run.
Tomorrow I should finally catch a break, especially since Thursday will be filled with appointments once again. I'm so ready for the weekend to be here. With my husband at school two days out of the week I'm ready to have him here.

We're about 15 days away from celebrating Levia's birthday and I couldn't be more anxious.
I know she's going to have a blast!
I have most of the things ready for her big day.
I think taking her photos requires a lot more than setting up for her birthday.
Everything will be like last year.
I'm making sure I capture every little bit of her birthday again.
I'm not sure when Levia will decide what theme she wants for her birthday, but for now I enjoy keeping things pretty neutral.
I can't force myself to do a theme, it's not me.
I love being able to make everything!
Once there's a theme, then things become store bought.
It take away from the whole "one of a kind" birthday.

Here are a few of Levia's photos.

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