Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Being Little

Oh gosh.
Levia never fails to make me laugh.
She manages to always surprise me in so many ways.
Today, I set up the table for her to color.
The whole time I thought she was coloring on her paper.
It wasn't until she turned around that I saw her face.
I could not stop laughing.
She was looking at me so confused, but her face really showed that she was coloring far more than just her paper.
I remember those days.
Being little and not having one single care.
The process of still learning "yes" and "no" is still confusing at such an age.
I'm not one to quickly say no all the time, but had I seen her a part of me wouldn't stop her.
She's curious, she's just being a toddler.
I can't wait to show her her face.
I know she'll be one surprised little girl.
I love to soak in these moments.
They really do light up my day.

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