Saturday, June 7, 2014

Goodbye May

Well, it seems like May has just started.
Or shall I say it feels like it.
We're in June and I can't believe Levia will be turning 2 in less than two weeks.
We're so anxious and excited to celebrate together.
I'm writing this post quite late since my computer broke and my lovely husband just bought me a new one. It's nice to have a simple decent computer to work on.
I was in the process of organizing photos to print out when the computer died.
There was nothing I could do to fix it.
Looking back at May, I'm glad we had such a blast.
Levia really is one lucky girl.
No worries whatsoever, all she has to do is sit back and enjoy childhood.
Something every child should be able to do.

Love this small glimpse of Levia's bracelets.
You can see the wear and tear from wearing it so long.
It'll be time to update them soon since she's growing.

I love going rug shopping.
Of course, my little companion has to make sure it's comfy before we buy.

Look at those curls!
She gets it from her Daddy.

The bond between father and daughter.
Such a beauty.

Her little hand in mine.

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