Monday, June 16, 2014

32 Weeks

My goodness!
Week 32 is here, I'm about 32.5 weeks along actually. 33 is right around the corner, and I find it hard to believe our Baby Luna will be here soon.
There is so much to do to prep before the baby comes, nothing serious but there are things to be done.
I'm so glad we're set on clothes. That's if our baby is still a girl, a part of me wishes for a boy. Whatever the gender of our baby is, I'll be so happy. Either Levia will have a best friend to share everything with, or someone who will be there to protect her. I just hope that Levia adjusts well to a new baby in our home. She's not one to get jealous or show aggression, but I know bringing a baby home can change all that. I'd love for her to adapt well, but only time will tell.
Levia is everything we've ever dreamed of, she carries great qualities in her heart that I don't see why she would have trouble with a baby in the house. I see her being helpful and wanting to be "Mommy", she already pretends to be one when it comes to her babies.
This past week I've noticed my toes have plumped up just a little bit and my rings will have to come off soon. I never had this problem with Levia, I seriously never got a swollen face/feet/fingers. So this is new to me, I have no clue if it will get worse. I'm just hoping that my shoes still fit after this pregnancy.
This week has been filled with crazy foods. My husband has his nephews over so eating healthy has been going blah. Not too good. I am glad I have been able to keep up with my stretching/work outs/yoga. It has been helping me get through the day since my bones can hurt at times from walking and being on my feet too much. I haven't been craving anything crazy yet either, though a blue coconut snow cone would be nice. Mmmmmm!


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