Saturday, June 14, 2014

4 Year Anniversary

The date marks our wedding anniversary.
It's been 4 amazing years that I still find myself loving my husband more and more each day.
I can't believe how much has happened these past few years that it actually feels like we've been married longer. We've been tested with Robert's deployment, we've managed to travel to NYC, we've been blessed with our amazing daughter, and now we'll be welcoming another Baby Luna in the weeks to come. I, at times wonder how could we have managed to have all that happen in just 4 years? Levia will be turning 2 in a few days, and to be honest she's been a big part in why we've been able to work together better than ever. We do our best to show love, to respect one another, to provide a strong foundation, and show her the meaning of what it is to be a Mother and Father. Since the birth of Levia I know our views on life has changed, everything we do, we do together. We're a family that has a bond like no other. We've grown so much more in love with one another because of Levia that I consider her the reason of why we have a strong foundation. I sometimes look back and I realize the life I have now was no where near the plans I had for myself. I never thought I'd be married, nor did it ever cross my mind that at some point I would become a Mother. Now, I thank God for allowing my life to go in a different path. I love everything in my life.
I can honestly say that,
Life Just Keeps Getting Sweeter.
I'm looking forward to the future.
Happy 4 years of Love.
May God bless our family with many more years.

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