Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Levia

Today, our little one has turned the big ol' two.
I remember the day we brought her home.
My little, tiny, fragile, beautiful, and quiet little girl.
I never thought the day she was born that she'd come home weighing less than 6 pounds.
Now, she's our 23 pounder whom we can't get enough of.
She's smart, sweet, loving, beautiful, and the most well mannered little girl ever.
She loves to say "hi" to everyone she sees, her tender little voice melts everyone's heart.
They love her, yet they don't know her.
I think every child has that affect on people.
There's just something about children that we love.
I love that Levia still uses her signs a lot.
I'm hoping to still keep on teaching her more.
Maybe if I can find a class, I'd most definitely sign her up for it.
Being able to communicate, even with signs is something I'd love for her to learn.
I don't think I can even begin to explain how stressful today was.
Though Levia's birthday didn't start off as I had planned, I am glad we were able to celebrate with her. It was her day and she deserved to know well how much it means to us to be able to show her that she deserves to be recognized. Another year of life, of health, of God allowing us to be with her, another year to watch her grow, watch her blossom into a beautiful little girl.
Today, isn't just about gifts and what she got. It's also a day to give thanks because we've truly been blessed to have her in our lives. I always count my blessings, never forgetting how much we owe God for allowing us to hold a beautiful gift he's given us.
We're forever in debt with him.
My Caroline,
Mama and Dada love you.
We hope you enjoyed yourself.
Love love love you so much!
Happy 2nd birthday beautiful.


A few photos from my phone on Levia's birthday:
Time to rise and shine birthday girl.
Levia was so tired, I can't blame her.
She loves her "beauty sleep".
We ended the night by hanging out at the beach.

And here's a glimpse of our little tradition.
We love going to the mall to take a photos in the photo booth.
We did it when Levia turned one, that we seriously plan on doing it every year.

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